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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 02:12pm 12/01/16 | 5 Comments
Well, not so much surface as to have been carefully released to the press over the holiday break in order to start the hype train for the film's upcoming December release. Like the game series the film is based upon, Assassin's Creed: Da Movie Y'All will take place both in modern times and olden times, with Michael Fassbender taking on the dual roles of Spanish Assassin Aguilar, and his modern-day descendant, Callum Lynch. The images certainly look the part but with any film based on a videogame, there's always a reason to be concerned.

Here's an image of Fassbender in full-on button mash mode.

And here's one where he's in modern day cut-scene mode.

And finally, a pre-mission briefing wherein the target is located from up high alongside another assassin.

Assassin's Creed: This Ain't No Game is directed by Australian Justin Kurzel, who recently directed Michael Fassbender in the critically acclaimed Macbeth. So, there's a definite chance this could end up being, well, good.

assassin's creedfilmmovieimages

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Mr Solis
Posted 08:47pm 12/1/16
As a Fassbender fan and a fan is the Assassin's Creed series, I truly hope this meets my expectations otherwise it'll be a double whammy in the feels.
Posted 09:28pm 12/1/16
Fassbender is a truly great actor, and Kurzel's Macbeth and Snowtown were both critically acclaimed, this may well have a chance of being the first good video game movie!
Posted 01:05am 13/1/16
I really hope this isn't s***, I want to believe
Posted 11:12am 13/1/16
Those outfits look cheap and s***, and why do assassins always have to have tough stickers all over their head? gah. I'm not enthused.
Posted 12:53pm 13/1/16
Great graphics, very realistic. Consoles have come a long way since the nintendo sixty-four!
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