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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 02:46pm 05/01/16 | 4 Comments
And sure Egypt is a modern country and a more correct term to use would be Ancient Egypt, but who are you trying to kid? You know exactly what we meant by Egypt-Times. Anyway, chalk this one up as a rumor, but word on the grape vine is that 2016 will be Creed free. That's right, no new Assassin's Creed game for the calendar year of 2016. The end times are upon us.

According to anonymous sources on 4Chan (yikes!) and Kotaku (phew!), the next Assassin's Creed (code-named Empire) represents a major overhaul for the series and is expected sometime in 2017. Which would make this the first year in quite sometime without a new Assassin's Creed title. Stranger still is the rumor that Ubisoft plan to fill the Creed sized 2016 hole with the release of Watch Dogs 2.

This new Assassin's Creed, is said to be more like The Witcher 3 in presentation with a single large open world to explore, on foot, horseback, or boat. The combat and progression is also said to be receiving a make-over, with development being handled by the team responsible for Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. Also known, as Assassin's Creed: The Last Really Good One.

If nothing else this is exciting news for the franchise if the rumors turn out to be true. The Ancient Egypt setting, outside of Mario 64, is still heavily underutilised in the videogames.

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Posted 03:18pm 05/1/16
They'll just fill 2016 with DLC for Syndicate.
Posted 11:47pm 05/1/16
I dunno about black flag being the last good one, Syndicate was pretty damn awesome, hands down best Assassin's Creed imo. Black flag was a great game, but it was more pirate game than Assassin's Creed game. It was a pretty s***** Assassin's Creed game really, all the bits where you're on land were the weakest parts. I was hoping the Black Flag team had been working on a full on dedicated pirate game, building on what Black Flag did, cos that would have been awesome.

I can't see any ancient times Assassin's Creed even getting close to Syndicate, it was just too good. Mechanically it was tight, but the setting was great and the semi-modern level of tech opened up so many more interesting possibilities and the characters were actually relateable. And since it wasn't too far in the past, and was in a more familiar setting, I found I related with the historical aspect of it far more than any other AC game. Like running around Buckingham Palace and other actual places that actually exist and aren't just things in history books felt way cooler imo. Or hearing a newspaper vendor yelling out about news from the Australian colonies, that was pretty cool too.

I think the english-ness of it just made it better as well, I mean assassins in top hats that fight with walking canes that turn into swords is pretty hard to top! Or when you're hiding and whistle to lure a guard over and he's all like "What the f*** was that!" in a c***ney accent, made me laugh every time.

Having said that though, from a story point of view, Egypt has a lot of meat to it. It's the big main worldwide headquarters for the assassin's so there could be some big things afoot story wise there. Syndicate set the bar pretty high though for what I'm expecting gameplay wise though.
Posted 09:24am 06/1/16
1st Jan 2017

Watch Dogs 2 sounds good, I played the s*** out of number 1. I could never get into Assassin's Creed games tried 2, Black Flag and Unity they all bored me to death for some reason.

I wouldn't mind a StarCraft 2 game called Ghost made by Ubisoft.
Posted 10:22am 06/1/16
I'm only 15% complete with Syndicate and am enjoying playing it... so long as I don't have to play as Jacob. The Evie stream is fun. The Jacob stream? Notsomuch.

IMO the two things that drag Syndicate down are firearms - firearms and raned weapons just ruin any AC game - and the zipline. Sure, it's fun, but having it always available removed that need to actually strategically scale buildings like in AC2. Can't get to that other tall tower from here? Oh well, gonna have to go down to go back up. With the zipline though? You just go straight across the map. Or if you're stuck in battle, just zipline out.

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