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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 02:22pm 05/01/16 | 5 Comments
No matter what the tree sitting in the corner of your living room may try to tell you, Christmas is over. Nice try, seasonally appropriate tree. Which means, we're now in the year 2016. We made it! The Mayans were wrong. Again. Silly Mayans. Anyway, the holiday period is prime time to catch up on games you may have missed over the year and stream a little Christmas movie called Fireplace 4K on Netflix. Spoiler alert, the log did it. So with that in mind, here's some of the big news we missed over the break.

Christmas Day for Steam resulted in a very weird Christmas Miracle, one where through the magic of snowflakes people would log into the service and then be greeted with another random user's details. And with everything from email addresses, to street addresses, to the last four digits of credit cards being visible, it was indeed a very weird time of the year. Perhaps the strangest part was Valve's silence throughout most of the ordeal, only really admitting the bug's existence before distracting everyone with the low prices of its annual Winter Holiday Sale. Which wrapped up the other day.

Blizzard went into detail about Season 5 of Diablo III. Which begins on January 15. Season 5 also marks the introduction of Patch 2.4.0 which introduces a new location, set dungeons, revamped items, and a lot more. It's the game that keeps on giving.

It seems that a modder has decided that 2015's The Witcher 3 wasn't HD enough, so he's embarked on a new project called The Witcher 3 HD Reworked. Which gives the already HD visuals of The Witcher 3 an extra dose of HD. It definitely looks impressive.

Christmas time is associated with a lot of things. Good will, presents for all, celebrating the birth of a super-old dude, and rumors. And the big rumor over the break was news that Rise of the Tomb Raider will be making its way to Steam sometime later this month. And with the Steam page for the game listing January 2016 as the release date for the PC version of the previously Xbox One-exclusive, this is more of a late Christmas present than rumor.

And speaking of Christmas Cheer, Rare released a making of video for its N64 classic Perfect Dark for all to see.

In a development tidbit that's neither here nor there, the Senior Development Director on Mass Effect Andromeda, Chris Wynn, left BioWare over holiday break. The official announcement is light on details but is somewhat reassuring.
"Chris was a great member of the team. We want to thank him for his contributions and we wish him the best in his new adventures. Development of Mass Effect Andromeda continues to move full speed ahead at BioWare Montreal, Edmonton and Austin."

Thanks to Back to the Future II, 2015 was the year of the hover-board, Jaws 11, flying cars, and re-hydrated Pizza Hut. Mainly because all those things from the movie version of 2015 turned out to be completely true. Or something. Anyway, squeaking in just under the wire was the re-release of TrickStyle on What's TrickStyle? Well, a hover-board game from 1999 that in addition to being just about completely irrelevant to 2015, it was also a Sega Dreamcast launch title. The Dreamcast in case you forgot, was the reason Marty was sent back to the future. That, and to not bone his mom.

And that's about it really. There really wasn't a lot that happened games-wise over the break. In the reality we've come to refer to as virtual we learned that the touch controllers for the Oculus Rift, dubbed Oculus Touch, won't be ready in time for launch. They're now expected sometime in the second half of this year. We also know that Killer Instinct is headed to Windows 10 in March, and that maybe 12 million copies of Star Wars Battlefront were sold. Which sounds like a lot.


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Posted 02:58pm 05/1/16
Happy New Year, guys!

Would love to see new Tomb Raider headed to PS4. But I think maybe not given Microsoft's grip on the title. But they have altered the deal, and I pray they alter it further
Posted 03:00pm 05/1/16
Happy New Year, guys!

Would love to see new Tomb Raider headed to PS4. But I think maybe not given Microsoft's grip on the title. But they have altered the deal, and I pray they alter it further

... it was always going to come out on PC and PS4. Right from the time of the reveal it was known to be doing that.
Posted 05:22pm 05/1/16
I would be very surprised if 12 million copies of SWBF were sold, or anything remotely close to that.
If that were the case, it wouldn't take 15 minutes at some times to find a match in Aus.
Basically no game modes other than Walker, H vs V and Turning Point are being played.

PC or not, most other AAA titles that sell big numbers also have a large enough PC following. Large enough that you can easily get games. Hell you can play BFBC2 after 8 years, every day.

Maybe, however, it is simply DICE's completely s*** programming ability that has let us down with the matchmake system.
Posted 07:14pm 05/1/16
Lately a lot of publishers have been using the 'sold to retailers' figures to make the product look good, even if the retailer has stores with 100+ copies rotting on the shelves.
Posted 12:02pm 06/1/16

PC: 8,986 (24h peak: 16,705)
XBOXONE: 69,998 (24h peak: 76,998)
PS4: 103,250 (24h peak: 115,836)
Total: 182,234


Currently online players (Total: 98,711):
PC 20,225 (Peak 24h 38,360)
PS3 18,974 (Peak 24h 22,143)
XBOX360 9,358 (Peak 24h 9,720)
XBOXONE 20,630 (Peak 24h 21,234)
PS4 29,524 (Peak 24h 38,134)

SWBF simply doesn't have enough content for people to still be playing it. BF4's player count has been rising as SWBF's has been going down. And yeah, I highly doubt DICE's matchmaking system is actually good.
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