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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 12:58pm 17/12/15 | 11 Comments
Hold on a second, what's this? A new Homeworld? Yep, Deserts of Kharak is a new ground-based sci-fi RTS that takes place before the events of Homeworld. On a sandy Dune like planet. Previously teased as Homeworld: Shipbreakers, this new game comes from Blackbird Interactive, a studio made up of Homeworld and Company of Heroes veterans. And with a release date a little over a month away, you can chalk this announcement up as an early, and most welcome, Christmas present.

Oh, and we get a very stylish and very cool looking trailer for the game. The art style, which has an almost oil-painting like quality to it, looks fantastic.

Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak is out January 20 for PC.

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Posted 01:12pm 17/12/15
Holy crap, that's great news.

Do want right now.

Edit: its on steam for $10 off now.

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Posted 01:43pm 17/12/15
It looks good, like playing the cinematics in colour from the original games.
Posted 05:27pm 17/12/15
Looks really fun like a mix of old school C&C and TA
Posted 06:18pm 17/12/15
green line confirmed
Posted 07:46pm 17/12/15
So homeworlds gimmick was it was a 3d rts, now this looks like a run of the mill 2d rts, so whats the point of it being "homeworld"? cheap ip?
Posted 10:22pm 17/12/15
storyline and art style

how do you not see it as being 3d?
Posted 11:13pm 17/12/15
I only have one eye.

I mean in homeworld it was in space, you could attack from any angle right? This is on the ground, its a 2d fight even though the graphics are 3d.
Posted 08:02pm 18/12/15
They might have 3D based terrain stuff, like TA and Ground Control, so positioning and elevation all matters, etc.
Posted 08:53pm 18/12/15
it being presented in 3d is just means objects have an x,y,z coordinate in space

the design tricks with the original homeworlds' skybox and zero grav movement are more of a scale aesthetic against the vastness of space

they're both still 3d even if you are a cyclops
Posted 08:54pm 18/12/15
I only have one eye.

I mean in homeworld it was in space, you could attack from any angle right? This is on the ground, its a 2d fight even though the graphics are 3d.

From memory while homeworld was in space generally you lived and fought on an orbit disc around a star anyway?
Posted 02:39am 20/12/15
You chose where to move to on a disc but then you could project up or down from that plane to move to a spot in 3d space. Really though, there was rarely a point and I found myself moving and fighting in a 2d plane anyway, so I guess it was more of a gimmick than anything. Maybe it got more important later on in the game though, I don't think I ever played much past the first couple of levels
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