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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:38pm 09/12/15 | 2 Comments
Not too long ago we got word that Night Dive Studios, the masters of bringing back classic games and making them run on modern hardware, were working to remake the original System Shock from the ground up. At the time the studio also dropped hints that as it now owned the System Shock franchise it was also looking at potentially continuing the series with the inevitable System Shock 3. Well, cut to today and it looks like development is probably being handled by Otherside Entertainment, a small studio currently developing the Ultima Underworld successor Underworld Ascendant.

Currently the studio has a cryptic teaser page up here, which has a countdown clock that's only a few hours away from reaching zero. But, thanks to the internet being the internet, some users have already worked out that the final image is clearly of the words System and Shock and the number 3. Which, one assumes means the third game in the System Shock franchise. Something that no doubt has been a long time coming.

But anything more than that we don't really know. Will the development and announcement lead to a crowdfunding campaign for the sequel? How far along is it? Where am I? Who's that man standing in the corner, the one with the black eyes and horns? Cheery fellow who's always trying to tempt me to give up red meat. You know, the usual questions that arise from cryptic teaser stuff like this.

We'll probably know a lot more soon.

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Posted 04:50pm 11/12/15
A quick look at the page data reveals:

name="description" content="Join the original team behind Ultima Underworld on a quest to rekindle this legendary fantasy RPG series."

Which is odd...
Posted 08:42pm 11/12/15
They did a Underworld kickstarter, probs copied the same teaser website! Lazy devs.
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