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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 02:45pm 09/12/15 | 3 Comments
What if Fallout 4 were played from an isometric perspective like a number of classic PC RPGs from the '90s? Which includes the first two Fallout games. What would that look like? Well, thanks to a dude by the name of YttriumTyclief, and through some fiddling around with the camera controls and console commands, we now know. And it looks pretty cool. So much so that if there were a mod that let you play the game from this perspective without too many glitches, we'd totally be on board.

Personally I play Fallout 4 (and all other Bethesda titles) from the first-person perspective, but if I was to go third-person then this would totally be the way to do it. The visuals, which a lot of people are complaining about, look fantastic from this perspective.

Okay modders, lets make it happen.

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Posted 03:13pm 09/12/15
O glorious it would be. Except not by Bethesda. Give it to Obsidian and those guys that did Silent Storm.
Posted 05:41pm 09/12/15
Please, please let this happen.
Posted 07:52pm 09/12/15
that would be fun.
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