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The next big bit of DLC for The Witcher is set to provide over 20 hours of new content and a new region to explore called Toussaint. At this point it's probably best to refer to it as an old fashioned expansion, mainly because DLC kind of conjurs up something that probably isn't this extensive. Today we have the first screenshots of the Blood and Wine expansion, and Toussaint looks like a great place to visit. It's pure European wine country.

But, we can probably safely assume that this won't be 20 hours of managing Geralt through a relaxing wine and cheese-eating tour of the countryside. The title alone promises a generous helping of the additional red stuff. Blood. Plus, an ancient secret.

If the story is anything like what we've seen so far with The Witcher 3, we're in for a treat when this launches in the first half of 2016.

the witcher 3dlcexpansion2016screenshots

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