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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:07pm 08/12/15 | 9 Comments
After the visually impressive and, for fans of the game, often awe inspiring gameplay trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake we now know a few more details about the game. First up, due to the sheer size of the project, the plan will be to release the game in installments. Or episodes. Secondly, what we see is running on Unreal Engine 4, which is a fairly big departure from the studio's own Luminous Engine.

In terms of splitting the game up it makes sense, and is probably for the best. Final Fantasy VII is a pretty big game to rebuild from the ground up. And where that game would use simplified environments, pre-rendered backdrops, and old-school 16-bit overworld presentation, what we see so far with the remake seems to be, "yo, let's build all the environments in 3D and fill them with the sort of detail that feels almost out of place for a remake". Which, would be an epic undertaking. And Square Enix know this, game director Tetsuya Nomura recently stated, "If we dedicated our time to a single release, parts of it would become summarised, and we'd have to cut some parts. So rather than remake the game as a full volume, we decided to do multiple parts."

Ultimately this means that Final Fantasy VII Remake will not be the same game as the original. It looks like a remake, and revision, in the purest sense. A new version of a familiar story. This probably means the turn-based nature of the battles will be replaced by something more visceral and real-time, character dialogue and situations may be altered or emphasised for dramatic effect. In other words, the right kind of remake.

This won't be another boring HD Remaster. This will be the real thing.

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Latest Comments
Posted 03:43pm 08/12/15
the original was split over 3 parts. if they split the remake exactly the same as the original then there should be enough content in each part to keep people happy.
Posted 05:22pm 08/12/15
"Please insert Download (36GB) 2"
Posted 09:57pm 08/12/15
Oh joy, that's gonna be fun. SE charging the full price for each episode. Even though the original was split over multiple disks you still got the entire game in one go you were only limited by how fast you could progress through the game and not the speed at which SE can pump out the next episode to get more money.
Posted 10:49am 09/12/15
This news makes me glad I was a Nintendo kid when FF7 came out.
Posted 11:25am 09/12/15
Well this is a perfect way to ensure they don't get money from me...

What next, DLC and season passes?
Posted 11:39am 09/12/15
HD remasters I'm not really a fan of, I dislike the idea of rebuying a game I've already bought in the past on princple, but stuff like this or the Resident Evil remake back in the Gamecube days I'm keen for.

Hopefully though it works something like the Telltale games do, where you pay one price for all the episodes and get access to them as they come out, if its more like splitting it into three separate games and having to pay three times for it, that makes me a bit less keen. Either way I think I'd wait for all the 'episodes' to come out before playing it anyway so I can go straight through
Posted 04:13pm 11/12/15
"where that game would use ... pre-rendered backdrops, ... what we see so far with the remake seems to be, "yo, let's build all the environments in 3D"
Ummm, how do you suppose they pre-rendered backdrops back in the day..?

This remake sounds from everything I've heard to be lined up for absolute disaster. FF died when the PS2 era died.
Posted 04:57pm 11/12/15
If you're making it for a render though you can cheat, leave backfaces off things, don't model the stuff thats behind other stuff that you'll never see, don't need any collision or any thought to how a player will traverse it, etc. And it only has to look good from one very specific angle.
Posted 06:48pm 11/12/15
What next, DLC and season passes?

Gold Saucer Micro-transactions for Arcade games.
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