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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 04:15pm 07/12/15 | 8 Comments
Sony revealed quite a bit at its PlayStation Experience keynote over the weekend. So much in fact that it's probably best to take it all in at once, in a sensory overload of awesome. We're talking new looks and announcements for the Final Fantasy VII Remake, Uncharted 4, Street Fighter V, and more. Click through for all the trailer goodness you can handle. And then some.

First up on the menu we have probably the most exciting of all the offerings, it's the remake of Final Fantasy VII from Square Enix. Or as it's being called Final Fantasy VII Remake. And before you roll an eyebrow or two because HD-Remasters seem to be everywhere these days, this one is special mainly because it's a complete remake. And with the following trailer featuring a lot of in-game footage, visually speaking, this is worlds apart from the PlayStation original. Well, apart from the giant sword stuff of course. Because no matter what the polygon count, a sword as big as a human being will always look cool. Or, silly.

Next up we have another extended look at Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, this time in a trailer that ditches high-octane action in lieu of paperwork. And that's not a joke, as the first thirty seconds feature Nathan Drake stamping paperwork. Things don't exactly get all that exciting for the remainder of the five minute look as the rest of it is a family reunion that would only make sense to those familiar with the series. A strange look, at a high profile blockbuster action-adventure.

After that dose of familial boredom, albeit one with fantastic character models and animation, you need some action. So here's a look at F.A.N.G the latest and final character reveal for Street Fighter V.

Keeping up the bright and colourful vibe is a new look at Ratchet & Clank, which looks to fill the void left by the absence of any sort of decent action/platformer since the last game. Here's hoping we see a revival of the platformer in the near future.

Next up we have Ni No Kuni II, and judging by that title you can tell that it's an anime-inspired game. But what the title doesn't give away is just how amazing it looks in action, with animation and art that elevate it to the level of some of the most visually impressive anime films and animated series coming from Japan today. Magical.

A new title from Project Aces running on Unreal Engine 4 can only mean one thing, Ace Combat 7. Fighter jets among the clouds, epic music, and radio chatter. Enough said.

Finally, we have Yakuza 0 which is getting a western release on PlayStation 4. And if you've ever wanted to be a gangster from neon-lit Tokyo in 1998, this trailer has it all. And a motorcycle used as a melee weapon.

And if that's not enough you can watch the entire keynote presentation from the event.

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Latest Comments
Posted 04:30pm 07/12/15
They better not have redone the combat for ff7, all i ever wanted was better graphics so the game could look as good as it plays >
Posted 04:40pm 07/12/15
Indeed, that's what my concern was too. So when watching the trailer I did notice that at a few points you can see the 'attack/item/defend' menu system in the bottom left. So, it looks like we should be okay on that front.
Posted 05:00pm 07/12/15
yeah i noticed the menu also, but the flashy camera work etc made it kinda look like an action game
Posted 06:00pm 07/12/15
the combat looks similar to kingdom hearts ie. real time command based. i just want to be able to control all of the characters and not just cloud. it's also been revealed that the remake will be released in parts. :(

i'm so f*****g happy that there's a ni no kuni 2. absolutely loved the first game.

uncharted 4 still looks great. i'll be grabbing a ps4 when it releases.

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Posted 08:51pm 07/12/15
Ni No Kuni, that's that one animated by Studio Ghbili no? No wonder the animation looks so amazing!

Will also be buying a PS4 soon to play Uncharted 4 and some others.
Posted 09:34pm 07/12/15
yep the art style was inspired by studio ghibli's work and ghibli made the animated sequences for the game.

glad they got joe hisaishi back as composer. the music in the original game is fantastic.

edit: hmm looks like ff7r combat system may be some kind of atb/real time hybrid.

The ATB gauge is there, but it’s not the type where you wait for it to fill up and then attack. Instead, it’s its own system that lends to the action of this game. Its name might also be changed. Nomura says you should pay particular attention to when the gauge turns red.

There are three-member parties and you can switch freely between them. You can also just control one character if you don’t want to switch.

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Posted 03:01pm 08/12/15
Posted 04:28pm 11/12/15
I recall the first details about gameplay they released stated the battle mechanic is the first thing to be completely redone.
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