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There's a written one, too, for those of you who don't like my sultry voice, but we've dished up our final verdict on 2015's last major open-world title. So is it as explosive as we've been expecting?

The answer to that is yes, if you mean in the sense that it has a lot of explosions, and then it gets a bit muddier when looking at the varying aspects of the game as a whole. But regardless, it's damn fun. He's a slice from my review:
The basic progression of the game’s wafer-thin narrative is to free myriad towns and cities throughout Medici of the oppressive government. This means blowing up police stations, propaganda vans, loud speakers, billboards and, naturally, statues of the nation’s despot, General Di Ravello. These are basic checklisted sites to clear, which rewards Rico with new Garages (more on these in a minute), rebel support, beacons, unlocks and more. It’s not entirely a rinse and repeat system and Avalanche does throw quite a few new challenges at you as the game opens up and the challenge gets harder, but it is a very basic gameplay loop. Fortunately beyond all of the in-game and progression rewards you get out of it, there’s also a visceral reward built around how you use Rico’s various tools and game systems to attack each oppressed area.
Click here for our full Just Cause 3 video and written review.

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Alan Partridge
Posted 07:33pm 14/3/16
Latest DLC 'Sky Fortress'is awesome. Now the wingsuit has a bavarium boost so you can literally fly anywhere without having to use the grapple hook. great game just got betterer ;)
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