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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 09:52pm 02/12/15 | 16 Comments
For fans of the Ranibow Six series, the announcement of Rainbow Six Siege was a moment to cheer, and then when it was revealed it would be an asymmetrical multiplayer-focused tactical shooter, interest piqued for dedicated multiplayer gamers as well. So has Ubi covered both bases?

To learn the answer to that, we turn to Joaby who has spent a lot of time with the game, and a lot of time trying to get into games. Here's a snippet from his review:
I'll cop to it. I'm the guy who, for years, has been saying "I'd prefer it if developers of multiplayer-focused games would stop creating half-hearted single-player campaigns to appease an already uninterested audience". I haven't been saying exactly that for years, because it's a mouthful, but that's roughly the gist of it.

It's a case of prioritisation, in my opinion, as developers can either spend time and money on story elements and AI, or they can pour those resources into making the multiplayer as good as they can. And in the year 2015, two big games have launched doing precisely that. EA released Star Wars Battlefront, and Ubisoft has launched Rainbow Six Siege.

And both games would probably do better with single-player campaigns.
Click here to read the full Rainbow Six Siege review.

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Posted 10:40pm 02/12/15
Also in case you want more sweet Rainbow Six Siege stuff made by me, Joabberg.
A silly video comparing the scripted Rainbow Six reveal to the reality of the game

and this gif which shows you why you should always kill all cameras.
Posted 11:14pm 02/12/15
I feel like this could easily put CS in for a run competitively. So much damn fun.
Posted 05:47am 03/12/15
nope, it won't get anywhere near CS. why? matchmaking.

Correction. F*****g terrible matchmaking.
Posted 11:28am 03/12/15
CS:GO has exactly that as well. Still going strong too.
Posted 11:30am 03/12/15
Matchmaking in the full game is wayyyy better than it was in the beta. Seriously.
Posted 12:06pm 03/12/15
Nahh this won't match csgo for a number of reasons.
CS has an economy aspect to it that is really important to the overall game.
Each round of 2 mins max, has about 15seconds of down time between rounds. Rainbow 6 has about 1 minute from end to start of next round.
It's not fun to sit through such downtime every round as a player, it would be much worse for spectators. Overall CSGO has superior pacing for both players and spectators overall.
The gun play and movement in Cs is highly refined and intertwined allowing for a good mixture of aggressive and defensive play.
Rainbow 6 seems to not be as snappy.

Lastly, community servers are integral for csgo's popularity among the high skill players. Specific settings for practiceing different skillsets as an example. Retake servers, headshot only dm, 1v1 arena's etc.
Single player community made offline maps for other times of practice such as aim training maps. Etc.
The community servers also allowed for 3Rd party leagues to form. Every single professional player in CSGO plays in these leagues.

Rainbow 6 has none of that and that's probably the biggest barrier it will have in trying to outpace CSGO in the competitive scene.
CSGO's matchmaking is really, really good. Time will tell if Rainbow 6 mm service is equal (I suspect not, given valves R&D into mm across several games namely dota2, Csgo and team fortress).
CSGO's MM was super important for the game, it struggled to gain a player base until it implemented it, then the player base exploded.

rainbow 6 itself is a fun casual romp that also rewards careful team based more serious play.
I really like the gadgets, and the effectiveness of wallbanging. The camera system is nice too. Except I feel the camera placement needs to be randomised a bit. It won't take long for people to memorise all camera spots and shoot them out asap.

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Posted 08:29pm 03/12/15
A video version of the above review is now up on my youtubes
Posted 09:05pm 03/12/15
ya matchmaking is much better. I dig the game regardless btw, but thinking it's going to topple cs or even compete is some special thinking eorl ;P
Posted 07:51am 04/12/15
After playing it all yesterday with a group of friends it definitely has the feeling of CS when things just work and you take a team down. The tactical angles this game offers is just so damn awesome.
Posted 09:19am 04/12/15
So, cheapest place to get it? $65 is the cheapest I can find so far. Too much imo.
Posted 09:34am 04/12/15
It was like 45 on CJS CD Keys but it's up to 60 now.
Posted 09:52am 04/12/15
Oh well. If the game has the depth of skill I want, it will probably have a good player base when it's 50% of price. If it doesn't have that depth.. Well money saved.
Posted 11:43am 04/12/15
You make a lot of comparisons to SWAT 4 but I really feel like this is wrong. My mates and I loved SWAT 4 for its slow, tactical pace and we would work together to solve the problems. You were rewarded for using less-than-lethal options, as the main goal for law enforcement is to arrest not kill. For years I have wanted a modern day equivalent to SWAT - Some much needed modern controls, graphics and level destructibility.

R6S is fun and all, but it feels just like any other shooter with destructible levels. In order to better differentiate this game from the next shooter, the pace needs to be slowed down to a more tactical level. There should be pre-round planning, maybe a layout of the house and the ability for players to draw on it (payday style) and formulate plans.

The speed of the rounds kills any hope of it being like SWAT and appeals to a more competitive-gamer market.
Posted 12:46pm 04/12/15
There should be pre-round planning, maybe a layout of the house and the ability for players to draw on it (payday style) and formulate plans.
Its something they are working on, its in beta form on their website currently.
Posted 01:27pm 04/12/15
Like I said in the review, it's Swatty in some ways and very much not in others. I still have SWAT 4 installed, believe me when I say I know it's not as Swatty as it could be. But as a frame of reference for what they were going for, I think SWAT works as a point of comparison.

Keep an eye on Due Process Chang, but I don't think even that will deliver what you're looking for ultimately.
Posted 04:45pm 04/12/15
You're right to make that comparison, I just feel that its closer to CS than SWAT.

Hopefully a developer out there sees the success (I am assuming R6S sold well) of this game and explores making a more tactical/policey game.

My bar might be set too high when it comes to realism, I am a big time Arma player and basically want the same thing in a police environment.
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