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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:12pm 02/12/15 | 10 Comments
The free bit of Episode VII flavoured DLC, which is available now for those that pre-ordered Star Wars Battlefront, or December 8 for those that chose to purchase the game like a normal human being has just got its own impressive looking trailer. Calling it a 'gameplay trailer' is probably a bit of a stretch. Sure, it uses in-game assets and whatnot, but it's more of a showcase for the wonderful visuals and sound of Star Wars Battlefront. Clearly one of the best looking games ever released. Which makes what we see here look like Star Wars heaven.

That bit where they managed to fly the X-Wing through the small wreckage on the ground? Impressive, but probably not possible in the actual game. Well, at the very least, impractical.

Also, check out our recent review of Star Wars Battlefront, where Nathan Lawrence said a lot of nice things about it.

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Posted 07:06pm 02/12/15
My god that looks amazing.
Posted 09:27pm 02/12/15
If only people actually played the game...about 300,000 players worldwide on all platforms. Then take a tiny fraction of that for Australia and an even tinier fraction for those on PC.
Really bummed, first decent game from DICE/EA in about 5 years which ran straight out of the box and it isn't very popular.
Posted 10:44pm 02/12/15
I'ma let you finish but this is the best star wars video I've seen all day
Posted 12:41am 03/12/15
The Jakku map is probably my favorite so far, its also the largest (favors sniping/long range). Too bad the new battlefront isnt like the old; missed opportunity for tandem vehicle/infantry warfare.
Posted 02:11am 03/12/15
If only people actually played the game...about 300,000 players worldwide on all platforms.

300,000? Where'd you pull that number from? Looks like it sold f***loads of copies. Doesn't look like exact numbers are out yet, but its pegged as the fourth highest selling release of the year behind Fallout 4, Cod and Fifa, and their predictions are to sell 13 million copies by end of 1st quarter next year. Biggest selling release of a Star Wars game ever, beat the Force Unleashed which previously held the record.
Posted 11:37am 03/12/15
It has only sold maybe 2 million at most, if that. Force Unleashed was 1.738 million copies since it launched, and the words EA/NPD are using is "fastest selling" which doesn't necessarily mean high numbers just that the game is selling well in a short period of time. I very much doubt you'll see 13 million copies sold, even with the movie hype. No one is gonna walk out of that movie going "wow I really want to play a Star Wars game, oh look Battlefront!"

What this game offers is hilariously bad. Four planets with three maps each, of which they are just cut out versions of the total planet is just laughable in 2015. It will not do 13 million with its current state, especially when its clear more of the content has been locked behind the season pass. Of course EA has said there will be more free maps, but that is undoubtedly going to be whatever the DLC maps are sectioned off a bit to give you a taste.

Oh, also its player count is pitiful for such a supposed large game:
Posted 04:36am 04/12/15
i luckily had a best buy voucher so i bought this for the ps4, i've had a stack of fun in the maybe 8 or 10 hours i've put into it so far. agree they could have probably done a lot more with it, but i've enjoyed it enough so far and will continue to play it for a while definitely. i like being able to come home and have a bash for an hour or so and just get in their and blast guys, but it definitely has that much more casual approach. i'm in north america so the player count is probably way better than home.
Posted 05:01am 04/12/15
Interesting to see those player numbers. Not huge but I woulda thought you'd be OK getting a game out of it. Maybe enough people have been screwed by BF multiplayer games over the last few years to have finally given up, regardless of the Star Wars angle.

This is one game that I reckon could have been made free to play and they could have absolutely KILLED it by doing Dota-style customisations. Imagine the variety of cool stuff you could do with the SW universe.
Posted 07:25am 04/12/15
All the reasons people don't like it never discount the fact it's fun as f*** to play. Haters hate, players just get the f*** on with it and enjoy it. Good times.
Posted 08:58am 04/12/15
It's a great game to play, fast, slick and loads of fun.

Except that's only when you get to play. I regularly sit jumping between game modes for up to 10 minutes at a time trying to find a low ping server with people on it. I'm starting to regret getting this on PC and should have probably gotten the Xbone copy as it has more players.
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