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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 02:50pm 26/11/15 | 7 Comments
Scheduled to begin today and run through to next week's launch the open beta for Rainbow Six Siege across all platforms (PC, Xbox One, PS4) has been delayed due to matchmaking issues. But on the bright side it looks like the issue is being resolved, so it should only be a matter of hours before you can test out the new Rainbow Six.

According to a post on the official forum, "Game sessions are not starting properly and we’ve encountered server issues, leading to failed connections. We’ve identified the root issue that was introduced after the Technical Test while fixing a separate aspect of the game. A fix is currently under test and will be deployed within the next few hours. Within the next few hours, we anticipate pushing the fix initially to Xbox One and then PC and PS4 as quickly as possible thereafter."

With the game launching on December 1, it's probably safe to say that this beta is more of a test run for the full roll-out. And having these sort of issues now is a lot better than running into day one matchmaking problems.

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Latest Comments
Posted 05:21pm 26/11/15
Played it for a few hours in the wee hours this morning and it was running fine...a lot of fun too i might add.
Posted 05:40pm 26/11/15
how do i access the open beta? it says it should be in my free games library but its not there.

*never mind it just showed up now. Looking forward to trying this, didn't get a chance to play the closed beta.
Posted 05:49pm 26/11/15
How big is the download?
Posted 12:39am 27/11/15
9.51GB from Uplay
Posted 11:56pm 27/11/15
its really really good, preordered. i havent preordered in a long time....
Posted 11:57pm 27/11/15
So the match making widths properly now?
Posted 03:41am 28/11/15
Just an FYI for anyone who played the closed beta, nothing has been fixed apart from aussie matchmaking is now functional (may simply be a side effect of there being more players). But all the old bugs/glitchs/poor design choices are still there. Worst of all is Uplay of course. I'd give it 7/10 spanners on the 'fix this broke ass s***' scale.
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