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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 04:03pm 18/11/15 | 3 Comments
You know what huge, highly anticipated game also came out on November 10? Why that would be StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void of course, the third entry in the StarCraft II trilogy and a game that aims to wrap up a story that began 17 years ago. So, how does it fare? Good right? After all this is Blizzard we're talking about. Sure, that's a fair assessment, but you may want to know how good. And why.

Here's a snippet from the review.
For those that see the Protoss as emotionless weirdo alien gods that love the colour gold more than anything else, Legacy of the Void may take a little while to win you over. But not too long though, because after playing through the campaign one thing is clear. Being in control of the Protoss forces for the final chapter of the story makes complete thematic sense, and the prophetic and mystical undertones of the first two games feel at home amidst a cast of mouth-less telepathic aliens with eyes that cause a visual lens flare effect that would make JJ. Abrams blush.

Click Here for the full StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void Review

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Latest Comments
Posted 05:54pm 18/11/15
Loving the story so far definitely going to be shed a tear knowing that it's all over for this chapter in the Starcraft universe.
Posted 05:58pm 18/11/15
I thought the campaign was awesome, I loved the story at the start, I felt it got a bit weak at the end. Still, best RTS game/series ever, SC2 - you're a league above everyone else!
Posted 07:05pm 18/11/15
Meh, I bought the first part and enjoyed the story. The MP aspect was pretty boring though. It's exactly the same as the original which was good for the 90's. The problem is I've played TA and SupCom which are both vastly superior games.
Give me the 2nd and 3rd part on a heavy discount and I'll probably pick them up just to see the story through to the end. Of course I can't remember the Terran story at all anymore, probably have to play it through again at the same time.
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