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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:44pm 07/11/15 | 15 Comments
Vanilla version will be $69.95 AUD and feature the full roster of 21 playable characters, whereas the Origin Edition will retail for $89.95 and feature a set of origin skins plus a bunch of digital Overwatch-themed goodies for other Blizzard titles. Also, the release window is officially Spring 2016, which translates to sometime during April - June next year!

Which puts to rest all the rumours that this would be a free-to-play title. The price point seems spot on though, and a roster of 21 playable heroes is pretty nuts for this type of game right off the bat.

Oh, and in addition to the above there's also a Collector's Edition planned, but that has yet to be priced in Australian dollarydoos (currently it's priced at $129.95 USD). And yes, Overwatch has been confirmed for console and will be released simultaneously across Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

And to celebrate, here's a new trailer which somehow manages to showcase each and every hero!

Overwatch can be pre-purchased now at

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Posted 04:38pm 07/11/15
This guy has the right reaction IMO

Points out they haven't (currently) got any plans for micro transactions like TF2 or Evolve and you get everything in the game when it launches.
Posted 04:59pm 07/11/15
there's no way activision would say no to the amount of cash they would generate by adding micro transactions and paid expansions to this game.
Posted 05:44pm 07/11/15

Collectors one has a price, its $190 but it looks like its exclusive to EB Games (though, I think these days all Blizzard collectors editions are exclusive to EB Games)

If/when new heroes are introduced, I'd fully expect them to cost something, whether its buying them on a per-hero basis or an expansion or something. I mean, why is it even a question? And for that matter, why is it even seen as a bad thing and something to get butthurt about? You buy the game, you get everything included, expansion content comes out later on, and you buy the expansion and get that content. Just seems like a bunch of entitled s***bags who want to pay once (or not at all) and get everything for free.
Posted 06:23pm 07/11/15
On battle net it says

Pre-purchase: Overwatch is expected to release on or before 21/6/2016
Posted 06:40pm 07/11/15
Points out they haven't (currently) got any plans for micro transactions
And from the first line of the thread
Origin Edition will retail for $89.95 and feature a set of origin skins plus...
An extra $20 extra for skins seems like the definition of microtransactions to me.
Posted 07:51pm 07/11/15
I'm fine with the pricing. People are being stupid.
Fingers crossed they do expansion packs. Blizzard seems to be one of the last devs that still do them (albeit they do do DLC/micros too).
Expansion packs would suit the game really, really well.
Posted 07:51pm 07/11/15
Not really $20 for skins though is it, no matter how hard you want it to seem that way with your tactically out of context quote. Its the same thing they've done for the past few wow expansions and Starcraft expansions, you can get the normal version or a 'Digital Deluxe' version which costs more and comes with bonus mounts/pets/portraits/other s***, and gives you bonus stuff in other Blizzard games.

In this case, the Origins edition gives you some skins in Overwatch itself, gives you Tracer as a hero in Heroes of the Storm, Overwatch card backs for Hearthstone, a Winston pet in WoW, Mercy's wings in D3 and some Overwatch portraits for Starcraft.
Posted 08:25pm 07/11/15
hard you want it to seem that way
Yes i really want it that way.
Games similar to this sell skins (dota, lol, tf2, cs.HotS) this has in game skins at a premium price, not a huge stretch to see them selling skins later on.
Posted 09:17pm 07/11/15
Thank god Blizzard went down this route, I would f*****g hate to have to pay to unlock heroes, and more than likely spend more in the process than if they just had a boxed copy.

If people want to buy skins, then great, they can do that, it's purely cosmetic and doesn't impact anything.

The question will new heroes will be catered for after lunch - if there are new heroes, but at the moment - I'm happy with it :D
Posted 10:26pm 07/11/15
Not worth that price. I'll pass.
Posted 01:40am 08/11/15
Yes i really want it that way.
Games similar to this sell skins (dota, lol, tf2, cs.HotS) this has in game skins at a premium price, not a huge stretch to see them selling skins later on.

I'm sure they'll sell skins down the line, makes sense in a game like that and its the sort of thing they can sell that isn't going to really affect the game and can be happily ignored if you don't want to pay for them. If they were to go that route though there would probably be a currency you can earn by playing that you could use to buy the skins anyway, would gel with what they've done in hearthstone and heroes.
Posted 08:18am 08/11/15
I laugh when yanks complain that ooh a game is $40 or $60... they're more than double that over here.
Posted 01:20pm 08/11/15
Seems like a typical collector/digital deluxe/premium release purchase - Blizzard or otherwise. As for the possibility of skin micro-transactions in the future? Why care so much when Blizzard aren't forcing you to buy into it?

I suspect if Overwatch becomes huge Blizzard will release expansions - possibly even a single player campaign.
Posted 10:36pm 08/11/15
Considering how Heroes of the Storm turned out, this being pay 2 play is a far better approach. I hate how Heroes turned out, could have been a great casual MOBA but they've put heroes at ridiculous prices ($10-$15 for some) and nerfed gold earning so its even harder to gain heroes through just playing.
Posted 12:19am 09/11/15
Overwatch announcement ... fail.
Diablo 3 announcement ... more fail.

Blizzard are awesome (no doubt) but have not worked out the current consumer markets, or the "pro"(lol) e-sport markets. But put them in a blender and we got this. Pay full price for an e-sport game with micro transactions... or we could just play TF2/3/4 ... Gamers just want the old map anyway.

Insert a really contrived local web-interface and you have Battlefield Never Again.
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