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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 12:43pm 06/11/15 | 8 Comments
Originally reported by Kotaku, based on US retailer GameStop accepting pre-orders for Overwatch across PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, news of Overwatch-on-console has now been confirmed by Blizzard. So yeah, Overwatch is now headed to PC and console -- on or before June 21, 2016.

With the full pre-order price of $60 USD, this goes against the previously accepted understanding that Overwatch would be a free-to-play title along the lines of Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm. Dubbing the versions available for pre-order 'Origins Edition' could very well mean that the title will still follow a free-to-play model, with this version serving as a all-in-one character bundle. But, all we really know for now is that the game is headed to both PC and console. Which is pretty big news for the competitive team-based shooter.

More details about Overwatch's release, plus new info on the game, is expected at BlizzCon. Which kicks off this weekend.

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Latest Comments
Posted 01:26pm 06/11/15

no way i would pay $60 for it.
Posted 01:47pm 06/11/15
That poster is so s***. If it really is an official advertisement some dude needs his ass kicked. you can even see the cut and pasted logo. average.

Yeah lots of hoo ha about $60 being a rip but I don't get why people feel that way?
from all reports the game is tits, and a heap of other mp games are due and asking much more so what gives? Personally I think people have been spoilt by hots and hearthstone and expect the same from Overwatch.
Posted 02:50pm 06/11/15
Thought it was $40? Though I guess thats about $60 australian. It could still be free to play though, Heroes of the Storm had a 'Founders' version of the game you could pre-order that cost about $60 as well and gave you a few characters and skins included.

Not suprised its heading to console, even while playing it I was thinking it'd be perfectly suited to console. I mean, I couldn't play it on console personally cos it can't compare to aiming with a mouse, but as far as the controls go, its simple enough to map perfectly to a console controller and all the ingame communication is done through a popup radial menu.
Posted 02:54pm 06/11/15
That's the price accepted by retailer GameStop, which probably means that it's a "best guess". We'll probably know a lto more when Blizzard makes it official in the next 24 hours or so
Posted 03:09pm 06/11/15
I have a feeling this was well known for awhile, maybe even at the time of Overwatch's announcement. I vaguely recall Blizzard stating they were open to other platforms and not strictly "this is PC only."
Posted 03:18pm 06/11/15
Seems some people are saying $40 and some are saying $60, maybe its people from different countries getting different pricing? The original place I saw it was here and it said $40, but the reddit thread it links to has $40 and $60 in it.
Posted 03:50pm 06/11/15
Yeah lots of hoo ha about $60 being a rip but I don't get why people feel that way?

probably because people have become used to the f2p or the <$25 casual mp only shooter.
Posted 03:59pm 06/11/15
hopefully it comes to apple tv.
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