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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:54pm 04/11/15 | 8 Comments
Ahead of the full trailer drop this Friday at BlizzCon, today we get a pretty decent look at Warcraft: The Beginning. Which in case you were wondering is the name of the upcoming Warcraft movie due for release June, 2016. And even though the teaser is a scant 15 seconds long, it actually looks pretty amazing. Could this actually be a good videogame movie? Dare we dream?

When it was announced that Duncan Jones (Moon, Source Code) was at the helm we were cautiously optimistic. And now this teaser pretty much ups that to "bring on Friday, baby!" Because this, this could be epic.

Now, there's no doubt one could get a little nit-picky with the footage in this teaser, but as it goes by so quick there's no real point. What we see is vivid, detailed, and impressively grand. Plus, it doesn't look like a cheap fantasy cash-in. Which is a definite good sign. Not sure about subtitling it "The Beginning" though.

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Posted 07:48pm 04/11/15
I will wait until we see more at Blizzcon to be nit picky but Warcraft has some really good lore and it's good to see they have finally realised that and making good use of it. Should get a cinematic trailer for Legion soon as well.
Posted 07:58pm 04/11/15
not interested. it's just one big computer.
Posted 09:34pm 04/11/15
it actually looks pretty amazing.
I must have watched a different teaser.
Reverend Evil
Posted 10:21pm 04/11/15
not interested. it's just one big computer.


Isn't that what that douchebag said in the leaked footage from Comic Con?
Posted 10:41pm 04/11/15

Isn't that what that douchebag said in the leaked footage from Comic Con?

yep :)
Posted 01:01pm 05/11/15
WoW Ruined the lore imo. They f***ed with it so badly I can't even recognise it.

War 1 - 3 great, fantastic and you could do a lot with this. But WoW lore....

I'm surprised they haven't done anything with Thrall, his backstory is ripe for holliwoodification
Posted 01:24pm 05/11/15
Yeah, it went off on a bit of a tangent for the last few expansions, but Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King were pretty classic lore-wise, they were just a continuation of Warcraft 3 storylines really, which it looks like they're coming back around to with the next expansion, back to oldschool Burning Legion awesomeness and Illidan and stuff.
Posted 03:52pm 05/11/15
Yeah but we all thought that with WoD too. every expansion we see glimpses of it and get excited but it never fully eventuates
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