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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 01:03pm 28/10/15 | 5 Comments
Finally, dinosaurs are making a big splash in the videogaming world, and after you watch the trailer for Crytek's new IP, exclusive to PlayStation 4 VR, you're going to wet yourself.

Developed by Crytek, Robinson: The Journey invites players to become pioneers as they crash-land on a mysterious planet and set out to uncover the rich secrets it conceals. The game is being crafted to capitalize on the boundless potential of PlayStation VR, and will empower gamers to explore the stunning world around them with an entirely new degree of freedom. The cooperation between Sony and Crytek also underscores the versatility of CRYENGINE for other developers looking to unleash their ideas on powerful VR hardware.

Crytek’s Director of Production, David Bowman, said: “PlayStation VR is the ideal platform for Robinson: The Journey. Our work with Sony so far has made it clear that they want to deliver the most immersive and unique home VR experiences imaginable to gamers, and we’re working hard to make sure Robinson fits that description perfectly.”
Hopefully the game does offer up movement freedom and isn't an on-rails experience, but either way it looks pretty promising and judging from the tone of the trailer and the artwork found on the official site, you'll be playing as a kid, which is kind of cool.

Watch the trailer embedded below.

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Posted 01:41pm 28/10/15
I dunno, VR still feels like a huge gimmick to me. Another motion controls or kinect type of thing that nobody ever quite figures our how to make a real legitimate game for and it just stays a gimmicky novelty. The sort of thing you bust out at parties or when friends come over that haven't seen it and go "Hey, check this out!" then for the rest of the time it sits there gathering dust while you play everything else without it.
Posted 01:46pm 28/10/15
Khel, I'd imagine most of that is because it pretty much still is in gimmick phase.

Most of the content out for it are "experiences" like this one, or basic prototypes etc.

When the headsets actually release and people start making actual games for it, then it'll start feeling like less of a gimmick and start becoming immersive.

For ex: Elite: Dangerous was so awesome an experience with the DK2 that when the next headset launches (and the SDE is gone), I will leave this world for good :P
Posted 02:43pm 28/10/15
Yeah, I am keen to see what people do with it, I guess I'm just a bit cynical after seeing so many things come and go that were meant to revolutionise the way we play games and ended up doing jack s***. The Wii-U appeared to have some awesome potential for some really cool asymmetrical gameplay with the second screen in the controller, but then it mostly just ended up being used as a way to play whats on the tv on a smaller screen, or as somewhere to show a map. All the new hardware and sensors Microsoft packed into the Kinect 2.0 were really impressive and had a lot of potential too, and now even MS themselves barely support it.

I really hope someone comes up with that killer app for VR though that just makes it all click and cashes in on all the potential. Before that can happen though, people need to stop thinking in terms of taking games we already play and adding VR to them and build something from the ground up that makes the most of the tech and is tailored for it. Using it to play an FPS or a flight sim might be a fun novelty at first, but traditional games are always just going to play better and control better using traditional inputs because thats the paradigm they're built around. For something to really be the killer game that VR needs, it needs to be developed around a whole new paradigm. In my opinion anyway :p
Posted 07:18pm 28/10/15
Looks awesome, though I agree the VR gimmick might be strong.

I wish more games would use the CryEngine, it's wicked.
Posted 08:19pm 28/10/15
lead the way, Wheatly's clone
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