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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:48pm 26/10/15 | 4 Comments
Ahead of its first showing at the Indiecade convention in Los Angeles, Double Fine has released the first batch of screens for the upcoming Day of the Tentacle remaster. Now, bringing the beloved (and hilarious) 1993 LucasArts adventure game into the 21st century is a definite cause for celebration. For one, it's probably one of the funniest games ever created. Plus, one of the best LucasArts adventures to boot. And judging by the high-res screenshots released, the game is looking more and more like a classic Chuck Jones cartoon come to life.

One of the breakthroughs of the original Day of the Tentacle was the classic Looney Tunes sensibility that ran through almost every aspect of the game. In terms of visuals, the art and animation were some of the finest early '90s cartoon-like graphics ever seen. Which in today's terms equates to a heavily pixelated look, something that the remaster is losing entirely, with faithful recreations of iconic locations and moments in a style more in line with an animated film.

And for reference here's that scene from the 1993 version.

The Day of the Tentacle remaster, like Grim Fandango before it, is due for release in 2016 on PlayStation 4, PC, and Mac. In addition to a visual overhaul the sound and music will also be getting the remaster treatment.

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Latest Comments
Posted 09:40pm 26/10/15
looks great!
The Nerfatar
Posted 10:02pm 26/10/15
At first I thought they'd just applied a filter to clean up the edges, but there are subtle differences in shapes in both the foreground and background. Seems like a lot of work for a barely noticeable change though. :/
Posted 10:18pm 26/10/15
cool, I have this set up in ScummVM and still play it from time to time, will check it out
Posted 06:27pm 27/10/15
Seems like a lot of work for a barely noticeable change though
I feel the same way, I know some people get annoyed about unnecessary changes but (at least in screenshot form) this seems like a waste of time. Maybe the difference will be more obvious in motion.
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