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Quick cuts, explosions, classic rock, zombies, guns, fighter jets, more explosions, army dudes in armour suits, a digitised Jeff Goldblum, and slick futuristic vehicles (plus a futuristic crossbow) are just some of the highlights of the launch trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops III. Out on November 6, 2015 (which is only a few weeks away) the new launch trailer does a lot to sell the latest Call of Duty in the blockbuster game series as just that. A blockbuster in every sense of the word.

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Latest Comments
Posted 08:51pm 23/10/15
battlefront killer? was looking so forward to bf but based on the beta i can justify throwing down that sort of coin. might be cod time again, last one i played was mw2
Posted 07:20pm 24/10/15
Wouldn't ever buy another CoD game, including this one.
Posted 10:04pm 24/10/15
Yeah, f*** cod, I enjoyed star wars battlefront more than I ever have a cod game.
Posted 11:45am 25/10/15
Joe, did you play the TDM mode in BF or just the walker assault? I found the former much more satisfying for me personally.
Posted 01:25pm 25/10/15
cod is an antique
Posted 07:11pm 25/10/15
Yeah man, played both. I did enjoy tdm, but feels like dice have gone backwards. no ingame voice chat doesn't really promote good team work; sure there were some people working together but to me it looked like most people were just going for k:d's. and dont get me started on the whole 3rd person bs.
the question is would you be buying it if it wasn't star wars and just another battlefield game, idk
Posted 10:18pm 25/10/15
Honestly, I didn't like battlefield at all. I have no interest in star wars at all either, I just found the gameplay of survival fast and enjoyable, and the game ran smooth and responsive, the interface was nice, and it didn't take me longer than 10 seconds to find a match.
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