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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 02:47pm 23/10/15 | 19 Comments
Of the upcoming Closed Alpha that is. And for fans of old school shooters, and by that we mean those of you old enough to have played both Doom and Quake in the '90s, you'll definitely get a sense of deja vu from this new gameplay video. From Quad Damage to rockets firing to the seemingly low centre of gravity for the player, it's definitely a case of 'When Quake Met Doom'.

Footage is taken from the Closed Alpha that's taking place this weekend, where a select few that pre-ordered Wolfenstein: The New Order will get to test out the game early. A full Beta is still expected next year, which people can sign up for here. Assuming of course you have your Wolfenstein: The New Order DOOM Beta Code handy.

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Latest Comments
Posted 03:07pm 23/10/15
Looks like Quake / Unreal
Posted 04:02pm 23/10/15
Hell yes!
Posted 04:07pm 23/10/15
so... the pent turns you into some sorta twin rocket flying cyberdemon?


satan's power deflects!
The GuVna
Posted 04:47pm 23/10/15
demon, its the Revenant :)

Hopefully you have awesome Melee as the Revenant aswell.

Multiplayer Looks ok, just a little slow. Make him run as fast as the Doom 2 player character :D
Posted 05:11pm 23/10/15
That looked pretty good
Im Interested.
Posted 08:50pm 23/10/15
I wonder if it will have a pineapple launcher that Jim can use from some place up high :p
Posted 09:44pm 23/10/15
movement speed needs to be bumped up a bit.
Posted 10:05pm 23/10/15
I think it's the lack of bunny hopping that makes it seem a little slow.
Posted 09:32am 24/10/15
fancy effects, hitmarkers and I'm betting trophies / achievements in the full version.


way not old school enough to bother with. Needs more brown textures.
Posted 10:10am 24/10/15
Man - everything still looks so shiny/plastic :(

Apart from that its a bit slower than I expected
Posted 12:06pm 24/10/15
Yeh it looks slowwww. No idea why you'd release a trailer showcasing the multiplayer for a game with a history like Doom showing console turn circles. It looks basically like a new Quake.
Posted 03:47pm 24/10/15
Needs more brown textures.

so true bro
Posted 07:59pm 24/10/15
looks good but for some reason not that exciting.
Posted 10:24pm 24/10/15
Doesn't look like doom or quake.
It's not dark, dirty and fast.
Posted 10:52am 25/10/15
Wonderful to see the old Beast re-incarnate.
Whatever it plays like, it will be GREAT, to have good weapons again.
Posted 11:31am 25/10/15
looks a bit underwhelming.. needs to be more original Quake like.
Posted 01:13am 26/10/15
Let's just run a qwserver and get everyone together. I'm sure modern broadband could withstand a few friends connecting.
Posted 03:58am 26/10/15
Looks hella slow for me and well, too Halo-ish/Unreal like I guess...weapon models taking up so much screen real estate, & looks very I can't hear JIM screaming;- "Who's f*****g copying!"

Posted 03:59am 26/10/15
They might have been better off just giving Quake 4k textures....:) Awesome map design, speed , dark and speed again...
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