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By all accounts the Tales From The Borderlands episodic series from Telltale and Gearbox has been a resounding success. From fans of the shooter series to fans of Telltale's story-focused efforts, people from all sides have been enjoying this series immensely. And with the epic finale 'The Vault of the Traveler' out today, those that have been waiting until the season wrapped before jumping in -- there's no time like the present.

Tales From The Borderlands is available on just about every platform.

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Posted 05:59pm 21/10/15
Waiting for GOT Episode 6...
Posted 01:54pm 04/11/15
Man, just finished this one last night. Stayed up till 2am on a school night to get it finished, totally worth it! I had kinda given up on both Telltale games and Borderlands, but amazingly this reinvigorated my love of both.

What an incredibly satisfying ending to an unexpectedly great series. I think this might be my favourite TT season so far, and that's no small praise considering I absolutely loved TWD S1. I got this last year and played through the first half of episode 1, but was burned out on TT games at that point so kinda stopped and forgot about it. Didn't get back to it until last week, and I gotta say it was pretty nice to not have to wait between episodes. I've never actually played a TT season like that before, and peversely I kinda enjoyed the wait between episodes, but this proved to me that TT games can work well as a complete experience too

The music, characters, storytelling, voice acting and art were fantastic, although I thought the title sequences were especially good. This also managed to avoid the common telltale mistake of peaking too early and having a short or uneventful final episode.

Do recommend!

That final fist bump from loaderbot on Helios broke me! The later reveal totally took me by surprise, as I think loaderbot might've been my favourite character.
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