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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 04:11pm 20/10/15 | 4 Comments
In the world of Super Mario Bros. speed-runs being able to complete the game in under 5 minutes used to be like running 100 metres in 10 seconds, some thought it just wasn't possible. But in the last year there's been steady competition, and a few sub 5 minute times being recorded. And, only a few days ago a player by name of Darbian has smashed the previous held record by completing the game in 4m 57s 627ms. A whole 66ms faster than the previous record.

Even with this new incredibly fast time (and seemingly godlike reflexes, as the video below demonstrates) Darbian admits that's its not perfect and there's still room for improvement. In a post on reddit Darbian admits "In 8-4, my notable mistakes include scrolling the screen a pixel too far in the "turnaround" room. I also had poor movement here, as ideally you'll go down the pipe to the water with a 357 on the in game timer."

Okay, so to most of us that may sound like gibberish. But in the world of speed-runs 1985's Super Mario Bros. for the NES is serious business.

super mariosuper mario brosnesspeedrunvideo

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Posted 05:05pm 20/10/15
That guy made mario look boring :L
Posted 03:51pm 21/10/15
This made me wonder what the TAS record is. I found which at 4:57.31 is barely ahead of this human run, but its from 2013 so perhaps there is a better run out there?
Posted 04:48pm 21/10/15
Is this assisted or not assisted?

i consider anything assisted to be junk and not worth bothering with.
Posted 05:58pm 21/10/15
So many times those pipe plants should of killed him...
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