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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:47pm 20/10/15 | 24 Comments
When movie ticketing websites just kind of stop working all at the same time, you know that can mean only one thing. Either there's a new Star Wars movie coming out soon, or Marvel has decided to re-release an all-nude version of The Avengers. Today it's the former, as tickets have gone on sale for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Oh, and there's also the fact that today we also got the full trailer for the highly anticipated film. Spoiler Alert, it looks pretty amazing.

So amazing that hopes haven't been this high for something Star Wars related since sometime shortly before May 1999. A date when something or other happened, it's hard to remember.

As for The Force Awakens, you can check out the new trailer below.

Oh, and as for whether or not this is game related, it is! Well, kind of. Okay, maybe not per se. But why are you reading this anyway, just re-watch the trailer already!

star warsnew trailernot game relatedbut kind ofit's star wars baby!

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Posted 03:59pm 20/10/15
Got any tickets to give away via a comp?
Posted 07:26pm 20/10/15
I am not sure about this yet but it may pan out alright.
The Nerfatar
Posted 07:30pm 20/10/15
I just sort of felt meh. I've played and seen so much star wars stuff at this point that IDK, it just feels tropeish. Not really a fan of the director's style either.
Posted 07:48pm 20/10/15
Excited to see this, not a massive Star Wars fan, but recently watched the original trilogy in 1080p and it was pretty great! Plus Abrams did well with Star Trek so hopefully he delivers the goods.
Posted 07:48pm 20/10/15
I am Super (Star Destroyer) hyped for this!

The Nerfatar
Posted 09:05pm 20/10/15
This is the only Star Wars coming out today which matters. ;)

Posted 09:11pm 20/10/15
Meh, SWTOR is reskinned WoW. We need some damn innovation in the MMO space.
I want a Star Wars MMO that actually feels like star wars. Maybe Battlefront kind of environmental effects but in an MMO.
Destiny style maybe?
I hate how most MMOs feel so damn plasticky and boring. But i guess thats just me.
The Nerfatar
Posted 09:32pm 20/10/15
SWTOR has tons of faults, and I get a lot of hate from the fanboys for stating them, but it still has reasonably worthwhile Bioware style campaign gameplay, and 4.0 is hopefully going to pick that back up in a good way, after the linear cheesy disappointment of 3.0.
Posted 09:54pm 20/10/15
Ill stick to KOTOR 1-2. I won't be going back to TOR but I still like my Sith statue I got with the collector's edition.

Aside from Battlefront, will there be any other good Star Wars games coming out in the future?
Posted 10:44pm 20/10/15
you all suck at star wars and this movie will change the world

edit: except you dais. you're alright.
Posted 11:29pm 20/10/15
Paging Reverend Evil to this thread!
Posted 11:57pm 20/10/15
I posted in the other thread, but yeah, I'm hyped, got my tickets. Looks like the Star Wars movie I've wanted but never dared hope to get. Just watching that trailer made me felt like a kid again, so good.
The Nerfatar
Posted 02:04am 21/10/15
Another Star Wars trailer from today -

Posted 06:13pm 21/10/15
Nice Nerfatar I just starting playing SWTOR again recently.

Can't believe the amount of people in this thread right now not excited to see this movie! Each to their own I guess. I am looking forward to the new Star Wars movie, it's going to kick ass! I bought my gold class tickets today! Why am I so excited? The prequels we all knew what was going to happen, this movie hasn't no one knows what is happening, where is Luke Skywalker? Also the way JJ has gone back to using puppets and actual models hopefully pays off and makes the movie feel so much more real as opposed to the CGI fest of 1 to 3.
Posted 10:23pm 21/10/15
I'm calling the bad dude as a clone of vader
Posted 10:26pm 21/10/15
so hyped guys I've watched this trailer like two dozen times....

Posted 10:49pm 21/10/15
Apparently Kylo Ren isn't his real name either, its a title he gives himself, like Darth Vader, so we don't know who he really is. Mysterious! Dunno about being a clone of Vader, cos theres obvious stuff he doesn't know, like how to make a proper jedi/sith lightsaber. Definitely feels like he has a pretty personal connection to Vader though. I was thinking maybe one of Han and Leia's kids gone bad.
Posted 11:10pm 21/10/15
actually, kylo is his name. ren is his title since he's a member of the knights of ren. i'm guessing these are the other members.

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The Nerfatar
Posted 11:28pm 24/10/15
Taking back my SWTOR recommendation, new patch honestly killed any gameplay in the game. The game plays itself now and it's the biggest snoozefest I've encountered. You can press 1 button in combat at any level and win. You can just walk through any enemies, even bosses, and the companion will kill them.

I have nfi what's going on at Bioware HQ sometimes with this IP. So much potential, but they can't design actual gameplay to save their life, just strong voiced story content, and even that they seem to be getting worse at.
Posted 09:29am 25/10/15
The Binks Awakens.

Posted 12:19pm 25/10/15
Posted 03:43pm 25/10/15
It would upset so many fans if Jar Jar was in the movie. I wish he was, I would enjoy seeing the butt hurt.
Posted 02:27am 07/11/15
New Japanese trailer, spoilers ahoy!

Posted 04:27pm 09/11/15
More new stuff.

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