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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:28pm 20/10/15 | 7 Comments
With a release date just a few days away, a new trailer for Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide wouldn't exactly be unheard of. After all, there's been a steady stream of character based videos for the upcoming co-op shooter that have done plenty to sell it as 'Left 4 Dead meets Orcs and Giant Rat Monsters'. But in this new video we get probably the best look at the game so far. As it covers combat, weapons, the loot system, and the many heroes on offer.

The blend of melee-based combat with the unpredictable co-op sensibilities of something like Left 4 Dead is more than enticing proposition. In fact, it should just about make you want to get you hands on the game as soon as possible. Thankfully, October 23 is only a few days away. Check it out.

Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide is currently available for per-purchase on Steam for $26.99 USD.

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Latest Comments
Posted 10:16pm 20/10/15
for per purchase?

And since when did Steam in Australia list prices in USD?
Posted 12:51am 22/10/15
OMG - take my money now. That looks awesome!

Im such a sucker for co-op games and it looks like they have done a top effort. Yep. Will be buying
Posted 12:59am 22/10/15
Been smashing this. heaps of fun.
Posted 02:12am 22/10/15
has it ever not been in USD?
obes' senile ramblings making me question my own sanity
Posted 10:37am 22/10/15
Does it have matchmaking like l4d?or do you have to go in with a premade group to do the co-op?
Posted 10:52am 22/10/15
The menu of the game is in game, in an Inn. it's really cool.
You can find a game, or start a party then add randoms, they all jump in to your instance of the Inn, or you can join a game in progress.
It's a really solid, fun game.
Posted 01:20pm 22/10/15
A friend on steam was playing the beta. He liked it. I might have a go at it.
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