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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 05:47pm 15/10/15 | 9 Comments
Enjoyed playing the Star Wars Battlefront Beta? Well, this week's Throwback goes back to where it all began. For first-person Star Wars shooting that is! That's right, it's 1995's Dark Forces, the game where you take on the role of Kyle Katarn and steal the plans for the Death Star. And then continue to steal other stuff from the Imperials. They really need to invest in a Space Safe 5000.

From this week's entry:
Throughout its history LucasArts was known for bringing a rich narrative to its line-up of interactive experiences, and by giving Dark Forces a story added a new dimension to the formula created by DOOM. Dark Forces is strictly a single-player experience, it features no multiplayer (or deathmatch) and is a better game for it. Well, kind of. A deathmatch mode for Dark Forces was something that a lot of people were expecting. But it’s the first of its type to feature fully-voiced and story-focused bookends for each mission, adding a sense of purpose to the maze-like structure and ‘find-the-right-coloured-key’ puzzles found in the typical DOOM-clone. Each level itself also features its own set of textures in an attempt to not only sell the fact that these are different locations, but also part of the vast Star Wars universe.

Click here to read Throwback Thursday - Dark Forces (1995)

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Latest Comments
Posted 10:26pm 15/10/15
I love this game :)
Posted 05:11pm 18/10/15
Yeah, I remember really enjoying this game. It sounded perfect too.
Posted 07:21pm 18/10/15
Is it sad that I still have this installed?
Posted 08:57pm 18/10/15
Is it sad that I still have this installed?

no. no it is not.
Posted 09:01pm 18/10/15
The Nerfatar
Posted 02:30am 19/10/15
I love how the UI basically didn't change all the way through to Jedi Academy.

(Actually JA did make some larger changes from Jedi Outcast, I never even noticed).
Posted 01:33pm 22/10/15
I only dabbled with this when it came out. When it released back in '95 I wasn't really into shooters so much. I remember playing it a friends house and thinking it was kind of cool, but in the end it didn't really grab my attention and I moved on. I think at the time I was much more interested in adventure and story based games. While the story of Dark Forces seemed well produced, I felt a bit let down by the fact that it was a Lucasarts game where I was only able to shoot people. Combining pulleys with rubber chickens seemed like far superior gameplay to my early teenage self.

However, since reading this article I've bought it and played through a few levels and I'm really impressed. The weapons feel great, the way the blaster requires a bit of nuance due to its random spread is really cool. It also controls pretty well for such an old game, although it would feel more natural to modern players if it had full mouselook. Not really an issue though as I got used to it pretty quickly. The level design is fantastic with lots of secrets and a good sense of place. The sound design is also great. I'm loving the early 90's midi tracks, they're really making me nostalgic. Obviously the voice samples and sound effects are also great, very Star-Wars-y.

Also kinda cool is the lives system. Most of the time lives in games annoy me, but somehow they've balanced this just right. The usual trope of dying and restarting with no weapons is gone, replaced by a limited number of retries while keeping your full inventory. It feels really fair, and at worst you're only going to have to restart the mission.

A really classic game, I'm looking forward to playing through the rest of it.
The Nerfatar
Posted 02:22pm 22/10/15
Nice review, I love hearing that people can enjoy old games for the first time even decades later.

I finished Fallout 1 & 2 and Betrayal at Krondor sometime after 2007 or so, and really loved them.
Posted 02:54pm 22/10/15
Man the feels i had in this game back when it first came out. So gloomy. Funny how the graphics are s*** now, but had more immersion in the old games than nowadays. Maybe thats just aging.
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