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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:03pm 14/10/15 | 27 Comments
With a new Star Wars movie on the horizon there's no doubt that this holiday season everything Star Wars is going to be big -- and Star Wars Battlefront looks to be coming out at the right time. With the beta recently wrapping up, and drawing over 9 million players, you can be sure that it's going to be a hit. Also, 9 million! That's one hell of a stress test.

Considering the number of players taking part, it's pretty impressive that outside of some minor incidents, there were very little load issues. In fact the beta was a huge success, with a number of people being able to hop in and out of games at will.

We could not be happier that so many of you wanted to come in to get a small taste of what our passionate team has been working on. Ever since we revealed Star Wars Battlefront back in April, we knew the beta would be a huge test for our game. After all, the beta has been one of the most talked about topics around the game over the last six months, and it was exciting (and a little nerve racking if I’m being completely honest) to open it up to the world.

And like Han Solo at the end of A New Hope, we’re glad you showed up. Even more importantly than just showing up, you’ve been spending a lot of time playing, having a great time and leaving us some invaluable feedback, as we continue to tune and balance the game until launch.

And to wrap things up EA and DICE have outlined (only in minor detail) each of the mission types and multiplayer modes on offer. So now all the greyed out parts of the menu make a little more sense.

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Latest Comments
Posted 04:58pm 14/10/15
to be honest i didnt think it was that great. just reminded me of playing Jedi Knight Dark Forces 2 multiplayer 15 years ago
Posted 06:47pm 14/10/15
yeah not sure about this one. Played a bit and thoroughly enjoyed it but i think that is just because i haven't played any shooters since bf4 launched and i rage quit their s***** game.
not paying $89 for it though, ea can eat a bag of d**** for that price and no SP campaign.
Posted 07:39pm 14/10/15
Hoth is a piece of s*** plain and simple. Map design is atrocious with spawn camping an actual acceptable thing and not to mention people actually being able to land headshots from across the map with the s***** laser pistol is just hilariously bad. Few of my friends have been turned off it just by playing the beta.

That being said, it is a gorgeous looking game and the sound design is top notch. I may get it when the price goes down to $30, but I'm not going to be paying $100 for the base game and $60 for the season pass.
Posted 09:29pm 14/10/15
I'm only interested in single-player mode so I only had time to play one single-player "mission".

It looks fantastic but otherwise I'm not that interested. Looks like a great game to "try-before-I-buy"!
Posted 10:26pm 14/10/15
the price is crazy, ill wait till it goes on special during the holidays...
Posted 11:54pm 14/10/15
It was ok overall but the Rebels on Hoth need more cover. Sound and visuals are great though. I think that from a gameplay perspective, it would have been better to go with a Battlefield 4 Star Wars conversion. I get what DICE/EA/Disney were trying to do but I think they need to work on it more or as I said, make it a battlefield 4 clone.
Posted 12:38am 15/10/15
I'm sure you'll be able to get a key for it for $40 - $50 from a cdkey site when it comes out
Posted 10:47am 15/10/15
I enjoyed Battlefront and I'm no star wars fan either and I haven't played any of the previous battlefront games if that makes a difference.

Gameplay that isn't so heavily reliant on aiming down the sight, fast, lots of action etc, runs really well on my computer and everyone else I play with enjoys it as well.

It's a different pace to all the games you see now which is great. Game seems geared towards casual gameplay

I don't think pricing is a big deal imo. People spend much more money on stuff that provides less time value in terms of entertainment. People will happily pay $150+ for a concert that last 2 hours blah blah blah, some many different types of comparisons can be made.

How much were Nintendo games, Sega games back in the 90s?

I'm pretty sure even the Quake 1 mission packs (the 3 or so that were released) cost something like $40 to $45 each and that was mid 97 to 98 I think.

Anyway, I'll definitely be getting it

Posted 12:10pm 15/10/15
The game allows for a high level of skill too which is really good. I was watching witwix play on Twitch and he was godlike, sniping people all over the place and having a great time.
Posted 01:36pm 15/10/15
I must say it was enjoyable to single handedly take out atst with ion nades, heavy blaster and the jetpack.

I had solid Luke vs darth duel. Both had near full health, nobody shooting us. It ended with Luke being the victor!
Posted 03:34pm 15/10/15
Oh don't get me wrong, the game is fun, but there are some map mechanics that need to be drastically changed. Not having respawn points that are inaccessible to the opposing team is just plain stupid, especially coming from DICE.
Posted 04:09pm 15/10/15
Well, at least for that map, they'll have a heatmap generated my 9 million people of where and where not to place spawn points hehe
Posted 07:20pm 15/10/15
When battlefield 4 came out i bought mine from EA Mexico and EA India (i think i got season pass from mexico and the game from Inida. It was quite cheap i htink i only paid AUD $50 all up for both
Posted 09:05pm 15/10/15

I will use mexican VPN to get it probably. Stuff 'Straya pricing.

Also super good screenshots of Battlefront and other games by Berduu
Posted 11:34am 16/10/15
It does make for some great clips and great epic moments

Posted 07:22pm 16/10/15
I had fun but for me the value is not there at 160 bux. 49 for base and 10-15 per expansion I would commit
Posted 10:31pm 16/10/15

Grab it from GMG, they have a 20% off code going at the moment which is still good for another 12 hours or so, code is: 20PERC-HARVST-SAVING

Game is $60 there usually, so with the code its like $48

Posted 11:56pm 16/10/15
A poignant article on Polygon:

I don't care if Star Wars Battlefront is good
Posted 12:32pm 17/10/15
Posted 12:34pm 17/10/15
he didn't hit the tie fighter.
Posted 12:37pm 17/10/15
Like that article dais linked.. for all the games faults (for a beta), I'm sitting here wishing I could play it.
Posted 01:19pm 17/10/15
If one of the expansions doesn't include a death star trench run, its a crime
Posted 04:16pm 17/10/15

Grab it from GMG, they have a 20% off code going at the moment which is still good for another 12 hours or so, code is: 20PERC-HARVST-SAVING

Game is $60 there usually, so with the code its like $48

It works out to be $66 Aussie dollars. Throw a few more % in as paypal's cut too. So that is not too bad. Could also get it on G2A for $62.53.
Posted 08:35pm 17/10/15
Ah snap, I didn't realise it was in US dollars, not quite as good as I thought, but still better than buy it at retail or off Origin I guess
Posted 10:55pm 17/10/15
... Who are you?
Posted 12:15am 18/10/15
who, who, who, who?
Posted 06:38pm 18/10/15
I didn't get bother playing the beta. Just doesn't seem like my kind of FPS.
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