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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:35pm 09/10/15 | 44 Comments
It's finally here! After months of drooling at screenshots and videos, Star Wars Battlefront has finally entered into its Open Beta phase. That's right, open in this instance actually means that everyone can try their hand at taking part in the quasi-Battle For Hoth (called Walker Assault) and other game modes. Available on console, and Origin for PC, be sure to check it out. As it'll only be available this weekend. Oh, and be sure to let us know what you think.

As for me, I had the chance to play it for a few days and it's certainly a lot of fun. But, not exactly what I was expecting. Relegating vehicles and other abilities to in-game power-ups that you can collect and then activate is an interesting mechanic and lends itself well to the pick-up-and-play style. I was jsut hoping that you could run into a hanger and then hop into an X-Wing and take off. Oh well, maybe another game mode will have that.

Visually though, its classic Star Wars through and through. And just about peerless.

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Posted 08:27pm 09/10/15
Thanks, downloading now.
Posted 10:46pm 09/10/15
Wish there was a way to practise the heroes like on that singleplayer map or something, I can't use them for s***. Lucky if I get a single kill before I'm mowed down
Posted 11:18pm 09/10/15
The heroes are good, unless you run into the middle of a stack of people and get focused. You have to use a bit of stealth.

I'm finding about 50% of the games are comming off rebel.

I've dropped 5 ATAT's so far. Mostly with A wing godly runs.

I did an orbital strike to destroy 2 hehe.
Posted 03:54am 10/10/15
Yeah, I'm sure they're good, I'm just not good at them :p

I guess it wont be an issue when the full thing is out though, looks like theres a mode to play maps against AI so can use that to try stuff out
Posted 11:22am 10/10/15
Wish there was a way to practise the heroes like on that singleplayer map or something, I can't use them for s***. Lucky if I get a single kill before I'm mowed down

Finally found a hero power up.

Sniped as I was charging it up :(
Posted 01:56pm 10/10/15

They're doing a beta test of the companion app too, though the app itself isn't out yet, but theres a version you can play in your browser. Its actually rather cool, its like a collectible card game sort of thing and you can use the cards you buy ingame for your gear as cards in your deck. You can also earn more of the credits that you can then spend ingame to buy equipment. I actually like the whole companion app idea when it adds something cool like this

Posted 02:25pm 10/10/15
I dunno, fun seems to be dying for me now, maybe it was just fun the first night cos people were on an even footing, now the skill gap has widened and all the dirty camping f**** know all the cheap dirty camping places and its back to being the old Battlefield "spawn and get shot in the back of the head by some guy you can't get to". I actually had a KD ratio higher than 1 the first night, now I'm back to dying 20 times on a map to get 5 kills :(

I liked it when I was playing on Thursday night cos it felt really oldschool and run-and-gun, now its back to camping and sniping and feels like the same s***** old thing
Posted 02:45pm 10/10/15
I find the opposite. Maybe I'm one of those people killing you from those spots.

I regularly top score sometimes with KDR's like 10/20, yet still get a high score, go figure. It's not about KDR khel.

It's epic though to do massive jetpack jumps from the mountains and ion grenade a ATST to death, land and rush a uplink.
I pretty much only use the Heavy Blaster, the two normal rifles are trash with the Blaster pistol being the only other contender.

I seem to manage flying now and stay in the skies for a while doing strafing runs, it's great when you are in an X-Wing or A-wing and shooting the crap out of the ATAT's, doing a strafe run and blowing up a ATST is good too. Killing people is kind of hard I find.

The A-Wing is really good, I find it the best of the available aircraft.
Posted 02:48pm 10/10/15
Posted 02:58pm 10/10/15
Yeah, I think thats probably the issue, I haven't unlocked the jetpack yet, so people sitting up on rocks sniping me are basically inaccessible :(

Probably wouldn't be as bad once I had that, maybe it should unlock sooner or something.

I was extra salty cos I just came off the back of losing three straight games, went rebels -> empire -> rebels and lost each one.
Posted 03:00pm 10/10/15
Yeah it can be a bit s*** if 1 team is dominating the other. I leave the server if it's like that.

Yeah I noticed early on how well the people with jetpacks where doing and made a bee-line to unlock it. It's so much more fun with jetpacks. It would take a seriously good unlock to force me to consider not using jetpacks.

It shouldn't take you long to unlock it, between 2-5 games. Get roughly 600-1200 credits each game.
Just hit those uplinks over and over and you get a pretty big bonus objective score. An Orbital Bombardment of an ATAT scores you a good 2000 points.

Posted 07:03pm 10/10/15
Heh, for an unbalanced map, rebels seem to win it every single time I'm on the empire side.

Actually, seems I just lose every single game I play now, I guess it never switches up the teams so one team ends up owning and the other team is made up of the dregs that leave and get replaced cos they're constantly losing, and it just snowballs. Everyone's too busy runing around trying to be darth vader or fly a tie fighter or drive an AT-AT, absolutely nobody actually plays the objectives as Imperials anymore. Out of 20 people on my team, I was literally the only person even trying to assault the one in the hangar, what the f**** the point at that stage
Posted 08:53pm 10/10/15
I hope the other maps in the full version are not unbalanced but I imagine they are. Have to wait and see. I still think they should have gone with a Star Wars battlefield clone though.
Posted 09:04pm 10/10/15
haha python, that was awesome!!!
Posted 10:04pm 10/10/15
Haha, imperials can't actually win anymore, rebels are winning every single time!

Something seems really suss with the matchmaking, like every single game I join is completely stacked with one side constantly winning and the other side having no clue
Posted 10:20pm 10/10/15
I'm sweepthelegs if you see me online!
Posted 10:57pm 10/10/15
Tried some more drop zone and it actually felt way better, or maybe it was just I had a team that was playing to the objectives, but it was a lot of fun. I'm so torn, game makes me rage so hard when its s***, but when it works its so much fun, and its Star Wars. I'm so emotional right now.

Its the first game for a quite while thats had me actually yelling at my monitor and being all "What the f*** was that s***!" and "Why is my partner off in the middle of f*****g nowhere!" when I go to respawn. I dunno if thats a good thing though, but I guess at least it ignites some kind of competitive streak in me
Posted 11:07pm 10/10/15
You need to be playing it with someone over VOIP
Posted 11:08pm 10/10/15
That vid is hilarious.

Yeah Khel the Star Wars atmosphere is permeable, it really is just like being in the movies. The authenticity of the graphics and sound really help and it plays great too.
Posted 11:44pm 10/10/15
Haha, imperials can't actually win anymore, rebels are winning every single time!

the imperials have won every hoth mission i have played so far.
Posted 02:36am 11/10/15
Come on Khel. Are you really surprised? Team balance algorithms made by modern game developers like DICE which are completely s***?
None of the AAA titles for the past 5 years has had good team balance. It is exactly what you said: one team dominates, the other team consists of players who quit because the games are boring and unbalanced, and it continues like that for round after round.
Posted 10:34am 11/10/15
Downloading this shizzle now, is it good?
Posted 12:17pm 11/10/15
Yes the balancing is kinda s*** atm, but by and large the systems themselves are good, they just need to tweak it enough to encourage playing the objectives more and possibly change up how easy it is for imperials to push the first uplinks. (I speak of walker assault obviously)

Thanks though FSCB, we needed an uniformed angsty post about EA/DICE, the thread felt lacking without it.
Posted 12:34pm 11/10/15
Imperials have won the most in my games but it really depends on how good your team is. Best run as Rebels I had we took down a AT-AT on the 1st set of uplinks but it still ended up being a close game as the 2nd AT-AT only went down during the last uplink fight.
Posted 01:09pm 11/10/15
Some nice vids over on the Xp gamers regarding beta play etc

Captainshack showing some good tips for rebels to win easily if you get your s*** together. It seems the party management need a LOT of work as it near impossible for friends to be on the same server let alone the same team??

I keep getting this 'Doom' feeling about its gameplay and the speed of the thing, run n gun deathmatch type of frantic pace about it..or I am just going senile. :)
Posted 02:35pm 11/10/15
I've had no problems playing as Rebels, however I'm not playing by myself.
Posted 02:35pm 11/10/15
I like the gameplay, finding it really fun so far. I'll probably buy the game.
Posted 03:10pm 11/10/15
The companion app is actually very addictive, thanks khel.

Posted 04:08pm 11/10/15
just won my first match as rebels. i spent the whole match in an airspeeder. couldn't figure out how to harpoon the at-ats though.
Posted 07:15pm 11/10/15
Talk about robbed

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Posted 07:49pm 11/10/15
I keep getting this 'Doom' feeling about its gameplay and the speed of the thing, run n gun deathmatch type of frantic pace about it..or I am just going senile. :)

Yeah, thats definitely the feeling I was getting as well, though probably a lot more in the Drop Zone map than in Walker Assault. Drop Zone is just pure run and gun, that was the biggest suprise for me, I was expecting it to be a pretty forgettable game mode but I ended up having a lot of fun with it.

I like how they intentionally made the game so crouching, zooming, running, jumping, none of that affects your accuracy, its just all about putting the crosshairs in the right place and letting rip.
Posted 10:32pm 11/10/15
wish some of the other game types were available or even an extra map or two.
Posted 11:09am 12/10/15
Well for that ravn0s you'll have to buy the game.
Posted 01:06pm 12/10/15

they've extended the beta by a day.

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Posted 05:35pm 12/10/15
They've really nailed the Star Wars feel on this game.

The only frustrating thing and not sure on my lag at the time as I couldn't see ping, but I know for a fact I shot other players so many times and I've died and they ended on 100 hp still.

Being randomly nailed from behind or from a random place is a little annoying too especially when you work so hard in walking the long way to a flanking position only to be killed by a cheeser. Such as the time I was sniped from an Imperial standing on top of the AT-AT... talk about breaking Imperial OH&S laws!
Posted 09:00pm 12/10/15
One game as Rebels, I saw the other team sniping and shooting from atop of the Ion Cannon lol. I got killed a few times and they were hard to hit.
Posted 10:28am 13/10/15
Is it still going to be going tonight?
Posted 11:36am 13/10/15
They extended it by one day so probably not :(
Posted 03:01pm 13/10/15
Its supposed to end on the 13th, but if that's the 13th in the US then it should wrap up sometime tomorrow.
Posted 10:37pm 13/10/15
Something seems really suss with the matchmaking, like every single game I join is completely stacked with one side constantly winning and the other side having no clue

Another way to read this...
If you see Khel on your team swap server he is that bad.
Posted 11:23pm 13/10/15
Yeah, that must be it, it wouldn't be the rest of the team ignoring objectives and just sitting there trying to snipe people.

I'm still yet to experience these magical games where the imperials always win, just had a few more games before the beta was finishing and still got beaten as imperials. One of the walkers was dead at the second checkpoint even. Its like nobody tries to actually recapture and defend the relay stations, I guess it shouldn't suprise me though, retards have been too retarded to play the objectives for as long as fps games have had objectives. Just annoying that games seem to constantly degenerate into one s*** team and one dominating team.

Its got potential to be so much fun, I've seen glimmers of it at times, but its mostly spoiled by the s***** matchmaking and poor balancing. I think out of the entire beta weekend and about 5 hours played, I was on the winning side on Hoth twice, and thats not a fun experience for anyone.
Posted 09:11am 14/10/15
After a few more rounds of fun, there is a handful of issues which are standing out as being pretty annoying.

1) Squad/team size.
I don't know why we can't get a 4-man team up in this s***. It'd be a lot smarter to implement a squad of that size and with comms so you can do some decent co-ordination of achieving an objective.

2) Random map spawn point.
The more I play the walker map, the more that random map spawns are s***. Despite the lack of above, I was in a pretty tight group of rebels in one area of the map doing pretty well at defending our relay station thing. After dying I spawned in the base on the other side of the map - totes annoying.

3) Random power up things.
This is crap, you end up just wasting items like turrets, thermals, etc. There needs to be less randomisation of this and something you can build a solid offence/defence on. The rebels in walker assault need to get a couple of decent power ups to win and since it's based on RNG it's just pot luck if you do get it.

4) No classes.
No explanation needed.
Posted 10:03am 14/10/15
True TicMan those are some annoying points, while the game is fun I find the rebels get absolutely destroyed 90% of the time on Hoth. The only time I saw them win convincingly was taking down an at-at walker with one of the snowspeeders.
Posted 10:08am 14/10/15
Yeah, that must be it, it wouldn't be the rest of the team ignoring objectives and just sitting there trying to snipe people.
This is why I stopped playing Battlefield games back in BF2. People started playing for the achievements, not for the objectives.
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