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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:05pm 08/10/15 | 7 Comments
To celebrate its 15th Anniversary, Square Enix have put together a documentary covering the history of Deux Ex. A game that first hit the scene in 2000, providing players with a level of choice, customisation, and freedom on a scale that never been seen before. Included in the documentary are series creators Warren Spector and Chris Norden, talking about the genesis of Deus Ex, its sequels and the recent reboot by Square Enix that will see the release of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided next year.

Check it out.

deus exanniversarydocumentarywarren spector
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Posted 07:28pm 08/10/15
Very cool! They kind of skipped over Invisible War, lol.
Posted 11:14pm 08/10/15
placeholder for fpot to froth in

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Posted 12:09am 12/10/15
Posted 12:16am 12/10/15
new mankind divided preview

Posted 09:33am 12/10/15
I have a confession. I never played the first one. I remember getting a demo off a PC powerplay disc and trying it out. I could not get out of the room and do anything lol. I was not a smart child. Well it was either a demo or I got the full game in some sort of pack of 4 games.
Posted 08:14pm 14/10/15
Same here Bladerunner, although I just purchased the original off Steam for $1.69 and installed the community mod that brings it up to a more modern standard.
Posted 01:09am 15/10/15

Deus Ex Revision was just released.

It's a combination of top community mods, and a whole remaster project. You can get it on Steam and it works with the Steam Deus Ex.

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