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Post by Joaby @ 05:01pm 06/10/15 | 5 Comments
There was a Star Wars Battlefront preview event last week, where games journalists and youtubers alike got the opportunity to ask DICE staff pressing questions. One question more than one person asked related directly to micro-transactions -- the big news this morning was a story on Gamespot claiming that Battlefront doesn't have them.

When asking about micro-transactions, Niklas Fergraeus, Design Director on the game, indicated that players would not be able to purchase credits with real world money.
Gamespot: So, is that the only way you can obtain credits? By earning them by performance?

Niklas Fergraeus: Yes, that's what's in the game. Absolutely.

In another interview, however, conducted by genius reviewer and brilliant interviewer Joab Gilroy for Games On Net, Fergraeus expertly dodged answering the question.
Games On Net: In Battlefield games there has been the option to shortcut by purchasing the Engineer pack, or something like that. Is that going to be an option you guys are exploring for Battlefront with the cards?

Niklas Fergraeus: When it comes to any type of post-launch support we don’t have anything to talk about, but we of course want to support the game after it launches.

Does this mean there are micro-transactions in Star Wars Battlefront for sure? No. But let's not kid ourselves -- they called the gear system in the game "Cards" and they want you to build a hand containing your perfect combination of items. Can you buy the in-game currency with real-world money? No, not according to the Gamespot interview. But when asked about card packs instead, Fergraeus answered with the video game equivalent of 'no comment'. Not a categorical shutdown of the idea, an evasion.

You can read the full interview excerpt over on Games On Net, where you can also see Editor-In-Chief Tim Colwill's thoughts on the matter.

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Latest Comments
Posted 06:07pm 06/10/15
Stay away from the dark side Niklas
Posted 08:05pm 06/10/15
Since EA is involved......I am willing to bet one would be able to buy card packs or something after launch.
Posted 08:16pm 06/10/15
Pfft, before launch. As bonus pre-order Dlc, one card in the special pack lets you carry blaster rifle, sniper and rocket launcher. Another card let's you play as a hero when you push R2 and pay $1
Posted 10:05pm 06/10/15
as long as its not pay to win
Posted 04:03am 07/10/15
Garrrhghh! If only there was a way to not buy this game and then spend money on micro-transactions!@!#
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