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Post by Joaby @ 03:48pm 06/10/15 | 1 Comments
The rascally rabbits at IGN Turkey have accidentally leaked Far Cry Primal, tweeting an announcement a little earlier than they probably should have.

A wily redditor snagged this image of the tweet.

The premature tweet has some legs to it, though -- it's accompanying a live stream link from Ubisoft which shows what appear to be cave paintings. The livestream has been going for 4 hours now with still nothing to show except for a repeatedly changing teaser splash, but if you look at the paintings you can make out rhinoceroses, saber-tooth tigers, wooly mammoths and more.

So, what is Far Cry Primal? If I had to guess (and I don't have to, but I will) I'd say it's some sort of Ice Age style open world game. Bows, Arrows, that little raccoon chasing an acorn. The whole bit. It's almost as good as 80s schlock action madness, but without the T-Rexs which spit laser beams it's hard to say whether it will be as good as Blood Dragon. Would you play a caveman Far Cry? What would be this game's Cassowary or Honey Badger?

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Posted 02:30am 07/10/15
Jack Carver:
“I’m not even getting paid for this crap !”

I'm not sure what Ubi soft means by "Farcry" any more,being marooned on an scientific research station in the middle of nowhere made sense , then going to Africa as a mercenary was a baffling choice that had no connection to the previous game at all.

As the series continued it tried to reclaim the glory of the first game in a half arsed fashion so that the choices of story telling have become each more bizarre than the previous game.

And now what ahhhh i know lets go catch a woolly mammoth and then what ? what sort of missions or buddy missions could you possibly do when the world is frozen solid?
They better not make this a go find ten flowers etc crafting is more monotonous than watching days of our lives.

This is the best Far Cry ,my favorite game of all time.
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