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One of the current gaming zeitgeists seems to be developers mashing shooters with MOBAs. Overwatch is Blizzard's attempt at splicing the ever-popular shooter with the insanely popular MOBA and, according to Jeremy "Junglist" Ray, the results are impressive. By his own admission, Junglist has gone from disinterested to eager for more.

Here's a glance at Jung's impressions from his preview.

The TF2 influences are undeniable. What might be a little more subtle are the other influences -- I'd now argue that Overwatch is just as much influenced by MOBA as TF2. Ammo is unlimited in Overwatch. You might have a certain clip size, but you'll be reaching into an endless Mary Poppins pocket of bullets instead of seeking out ammo pick-ups throughout the map. Instead, your time on the frontline will be regulated by two things: health and cooldowns.

Health deteriorates in much more of a TF2 way than a Call of Duty way. You're meant to eat a few bullets before you go down, and you're meant to seek the right balance of healing and damage mitigation. Success will depend on your team's ability to form a sustainable organism on the front -- an economy of health in which you trade better than those across from you.
To read the whole shebang, take the jump here.

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