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AusGamers' resident driving expert, Joab, recently had the opportunity to go hands-on with Need for Speed and chat with Executive Producer Marcus Nilsson about his experience. Among other things, Joab discovered that Ghost Games has a very specific target demographic in mind, at least for the FMVs, and the dev doesn't appear to be racing to change that.

Here's a peek at Joab's hands-on feature + interview:

Some purists will notice the game working for or against them, depending on the circumstances. Catch-up logic is one of those divisive elements that games often implement in the name of accessibility to varying success -- depending on how it's done, it can be anything from invisible to an iconic blue shell designed to ruin your day. And Need for Speed has a few types of catch-up logic -- in singleplayer races it tends to simply be AI that drives faster or slower depending on your race position, which is to be expected in an action racing game. In multiplayer, however, it seemed like the game would throw traffic at you when you gained too large a lead and it sometimes -- as one opponent of mine found out when a car swerved in front of them metres from the finish line -- has hilarious results.
You can find Joab's full thoughts by clicking here.

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