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Post by nachosjustice @ 03:36pm 24/09/15 | 7 Comments
The closed beta for Rainbow Six Siege is just around the corner (tomorrow, in fact). And while you can get guaranteed access to the beta right here on AusGamers, you might be curious to know what's in store for you.

Steve, Joab and I went hands-on with the game last week at Ubisoft and were all pretty blown away with how much fun there is to have in Siege's multiplayer. Here's some of what I had to say in my preview:
If the attackers don’t manage to locate the defenders during this initial window, they’re heading in blind. Find them, though, and there’s an opportunity to leave drones in tactical positions that can then be used for surveillance during the attack on the defended position. Defenders can spot and destroy the drones, though, so sneaky hiding spots are the best bet. Fixed cameras also come into play, and can be used by defenders to track attacker movements.
Click here to read the whole explosive preview.

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Posted 03:53pm 24/9/15
My team was annihilated one round by savvy drone use from the attacking team. Despite the fact that our defences were seemingly fantastic, the attackers used a combination of drone surveillance and remote-activated grenades to destroy walls as we ran past. I was one of those unfortunate players who died in a well-timed explosion.
That was all me, MVP of the series.

So keen for the beta this weekend.
Posted 04:49pm 24/9/15
We should definitely get a game going!
Posted 05:36pm 25/9/15
I need a key, I got one but it doesn't redeem on steam?
Posted 05:49pm 25/9/15
redeem it on uplay maybe d, my version runs through that.
Posted 06:07pm 25/9/15
The game is great.

The Match Making system is terrible, absolutely terrible.

They have some serious work ahead of themselves fixing it for release.

When you do get into a game, it's quite fun.

The shields are definitely great work. They are so strong in the right circumstances, lots of people call them OP. They aren't though. They require communication and goo intel gathering to counter properly. If you do that, they are relatively easy to put down.

Shotguns feel pretty nice. The AR's aren't bad, pistols are sweet. The SMG's tho, feel a little underwelming.

The gadgets are fun to use. Fuze's Cluster bomb system is great. You plant this sucker on a wall and it fires about 5 grenades into the opposite room, it can do well to clear it out so you can breach it cleanly.

Wallbanging is spot on. MANY of the walls can be shot through, and the resulting damage is significant, often fatal. With good communication and good use of the cameras, your team can tell you when to fire through a wall for a clean kill.

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Posted 06:29am 27/9/15
I don't like the menus they feel too clunky and consolish

Matchmaking is also pretty ordinary takes a while and bugs out sometimes.

My PC crashed after a match too which was weird

Other than that a great tactical game!
Posted 03:04pm 27/9/15
They've extended the beta till Thursday. Agreed the matchmaking is pretty s***.
I've been partying up with two other mates and its been good fun. Terror Hunt is still awesome, Hard is a bit too easy but Realistic diff is great.
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