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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:13pm 23/09/15 | 0 Comments
1994 was a long time ago. PC game installations weren't a matter of clicking on an icon, they required a steady stream of interactivity. Stuff along the lines of "INSERT DISK 8 OF 17" and then bottling in the rage after reading "DISK READ ERROR". Which means getting one of these old PC games to run on modern hardware is a bit like trying to cram a VHS tape into a Blu-ray player. It won't work. Which is where companies like Night Dive Studios and GOG.com come in. In fact, they've just released an enhanced version of the classic 1994 sci-fi shooter System Shock. And, installation is as easy as clicking on an icon.

System Shock from Looking Glass Studios is a classic shooter in every sense of the term. Released in 1994 it presented an unflinching sci-fi horror with unprecedented freedom and customization. And all in a genre that was as new as the New Kids On The Block (circa whatever year the still dope as all hell Hangin' Tough was released).

Lovingly recreated by Night Dive Studios, who also worked on the enhanced version of System Shock 2, this re-release also features a few bells and whistles up its sleeve. Or, enhancements.

First up, high-res graphics! Well, a new resolution of 1024x768 which is still higher than the original 640x480 resolution of the original. Also widescreen support! Plus, there's the option to play the game with mouselook support. A feature that was as foreign to 1994 as a world full of grown men in parachute pants is to 2015.

Also, a whole slew of game bugs from the original release have been fixed.

System Shock: Enhanced Edition is now available via GOG.com at the discounted priced of A$11.49.

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