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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:42pm 18/09/15 | 9 Comments
And that's about as clear as we can make it because we don't have a specific date. But yeah, April 2016. Dark Souls III. The third entry in the now just about legendary (in terms of difficulty and reverence) RPG series from, err, From Software. Anyway, to make this a little more news worthy click through for a new four minute gameplay video.

Which you can watch below.

Now, just to be clear I haven't played a Dark Souls game before. Even though everyone who has keeps telling me that I absolutely should. So even though the above video looks pretty awesome, I have no idea what's new or different. Other than it makes me feel like playing through the first two games. Which is probably a good thing.

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Latest Comments
Posted 05:32pm 18/9/15
F*** YER
Posted 02:35pm 19/9/15
Who knows? Maybe THIS time, they might even make it worthwhile on the PC?
Posted 03:18pm 19/9/15
ive played both on pc and they were completely awesome (if onyl just delayed slighyly)
Posted 04:22pm 19/9/15
too hard
Posted 04:51pm 21/9/15
too hard

makes me smile
Posted 05:39pm 21/9/15
F***, haven't finished the first one yet.
Posted 08:21pm 21/9/15
dark souls 1 and 2 have easily been my best gaming experiences since q2, especially since i did them with spook jnr, who is a total gun at dark souls

we frothin for the 3rd one
Posted 05:00pm 06/10/15
DS1 is a notoriously horrendous port and DS2 was just a s*** game overall.

Anyway, blue bar? Demons' Souls style mana system makes a return perhaps? All the gameplay being teased for this is looking hella exciting.
Posted 05:04pm 06/10/15
on my low end pc, they ran awesomely
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