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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 01:56pm 01/09/15 | 13 Comments
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is out and available, but like so many other games we received it too late and it's simply too big to definitively review just yet, but Joaby is having some serious fun with it and produced a "review in progress" feature for y'all to digest if you're not sure on *seemingly* Kojima's last Konami-published outing.

From Joab's review in progress:
The game is gorgeous. It runs at a solid, flawless 60 frames per second on PS4, the loading times are disgustingly short and it looks beautiful. Hair is probably the only area it falls short in, a problem many games have. The lighting is fantastic, using HDR Bloom to create pockets of mystery out of any indoors environment -- during the day anyway. During the night darkness is your ally -- as it should be in a stealth game -- but even then the way torches and spotlights create a blinding flare is used to fantastic effect.

More important though -- it plays brilliantly. As Snake, or Big Boss, or whatever you want to call yourself, you always feel like you're in control -- once you know how the game works and the systems work, you always feel like you possess the tools you need to complete a mission. If you like, you can sit outside an area of operation for minutes at a time marking out guards on patrol before heading in to complete your mission. Some Metal Gear purists might feel like this removes the challenge, but I see it as a logical evolution of the Soliton Radar (which is absent in TPP). On top of that, the guards operate on shifts, so if you take too long to scout things out time will catch up with you and your hard work will be for naught.
Click here for Joaby's complete MGSV: TPP review in progress.

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Latest Comments
Posted 01:59pm 01/9/15
PC version is supposed to unlock in 1 minute. No pre-load available (lols konami).

Guess ill be playing in an hours or so

Posted 02:37pm 01/9/15
Still havn't been sent my steam key. Got it for $61AUD yesterday on Gameholds. Now gone up in price to $67 today. Sill cheaper then the $80+AUD on steam.
Posted 03:10pm 01/9/15
Yeah I got a key for $55AUD off ebay. Someone was selling nvidia promo keys.
Posted 03:21pm 01/9/15
PC version is supposed to unlock in 1 minute. No pre-load available (lols konami).

and the PC retail version only has the steam installer on the disc.
Posted 03:22pm 01/9/15
I'm downloading it atm on steam, but given I don't have NBN it's going to take about 4 hours - yay!
Posted 04:08pm 06/9/15
Picked this up from Target for PS4 $69 pretty good price if you ask me. Played abit I've got no idea what's going on lol
Posted 04:27pm 06/9/15
Yeah, I'm playing mgs3 and peace walker first
Posted 07:17pm 06/9/15
I might get it sooner or later. Friend says its good. Also this.

Posted 07:34pm 06/9/15
The horse really shoots out that small nugget doesn't it! :p
Posted 01:24pm 07/9/15
Bought it on PS4 on the weekend.

Loving it so far.
Posted 02:23pm 07/9/15
Its really annoying though that all of Konami's s***bird tactics got validated with the game doing really well and scoring really well. I mean, most reasonable people know its a good game despite Konami's bulls***, not because of it, but thats not the way they'll sell it I'm sure =\
Posted 05:12pm 07/9/15
I can't wait for em to inevitably try and cash in on it and f*** up royally without Kojima at the helm, will be good times all round.
Posted 05:15pm 07/9/15
Gotta say, I love the review in progress thing. A really good idea that will give 50+ hour games that play time they deserve.
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