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Joaby recently went out to one of Australia's largest eSporting events -- the OPL Grand Final -- and came away with a greater sense of the growth of eSports in Australia, and the smell of eCigarettes in his nostrils.

From his wrap-up:
When I asked the Chiefs players the next day, Spookz and Swiffer argue briefly about the setup down on the stage. "Basically they have white noise playing through the headphones." he says, when Swiffer interjects with "It's pink noise." "White noise? Pink noise? It's white noise," continues Spookz. "So in the headphones they're playing white noise, and you've got your team comms, and you've got the game audio. So you can't really hear the crowd, but you can feel the vibrations when they react to something big."

The game is played on a ten second delay, so the only people getting a hint about what's to come are those in the audience -- the Chiefs players get extremely vocal during a successful gank, so when they start yelling you can tell a Legacy player is about to die. "We'd make a play, and then we'd just wait for it" explained Swiffer, while Swip3rR and Spookz laughed in the background. "And then you could feel the vibrations from the crowd."
Click here for the full event wrap-up.

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