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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 02:49pm 12/08/15 | 0 Comments
Master of Orion should be one of the scariest announcements for other strategy publishers out there. Ever. It represents a shift in Wargaming's outlay, where their free-to-play War of series is no longer its only focus, and highlights its directive to become a publisher synonymous with strategy and classic gaming -- something old-schoolers are throwing copious amounts of support behind in the Kickstarter space, which means they should embrace that here.

We're still waiting on what Chris Taylor is working on as well, but in the meantime a Master of Orion 'reboot' with original team members -- and cashflow -- behind it, that harkens back to the series' roots while bringing it into the modern gaming age is not something anyone should really shy away from.
Master of Orion is a modern rebirth of the critically acclaimed sci-fi strategy game. The forerunner of the influential “4X” style, Master of Orion builds on the iconic explore, expand, exploit and exterminate gameplay that the original game pioneered. This reimagined title stays true to its legacy, delivering on the promise of deep strategy, hard fought battles, diplomacy, and exploration—all with a healthy dash of humour.

Players can expect a fresh set of unique races, each offering different styles of play, 20 galaxies to discover, over 70 types of technologies with hundreds of upgrades, and dozens of ships waiting to tested.
Watch the new Developer Diary embedded below, and in case you missed it, below that we have the reveal trailer.

wargamingmaster of oriondeveloper diarytrailer

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