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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 04:24pm 10/08/15 | 3 Comments
What happens when a group of space dudes aboard a large space station decide to go out for a spin and then stumble into an asteroid field where they find a large derelict space-ship? They decide to work together to bring it back to life of course! Get to see all of this, and more, in the Gamescom presentation of Star Citizen.

By this point we all know that Star Citizen has raised more money than you would have thought was possible to exist all in one place. And that the game itself is not really a space-combat simulator. In a way it kind of is, but it's also a space-everything simulator. One of the modes being implemented is called Arena Commander which is built around group-play, spawning people onto a space station where they can do, well, whatever. In the below video (care of PCGamesN) we get a glimpse at a mission with an objective and a team working together. Naturally, the results are pretty special. If a little on the chuggy side.

star citizengamescomdemo

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Posted 08:02pm 10/8/15
I think a lot of what they showed was largely for the point of demonstrating they were progressing and not all drinking mai tais around a pool or something.

I would of preferred if they had used a better video recording method, there are quite a few artifacts as its their live twitch stream

The social module

The whole presentation

An interview of him avoiding questions about DS, and some other stuff
Posted 08:42pm 10/8/15
Does look pretty awesome!
Posted 11:49am 11/8/15
This is what I signed up for... I don't really care for dogfight deathmatches. I want to work with my mates on a multi-crew ship and go out into the universe to complete jobs and explore.

I was starting to become skeptical with the progress of the game (As it seemed to be stuck at "pretty dogfight arena") but this shows they are starting to expand their horizons into larger multiplayer systems in preparation for the PU.

They need to overhaul the character movement though, it looks so jagged. This isn't Arma, the walking/running doesn't need to be realistic (only the ships) so they can go with Call of Duty smooth running for all I care.
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