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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 12:36pm 07/08/15 | 5 Comments
In a response to the number of questions Bethesda Games Studios has received about the end game structure of Fallout 4, they've taken to Twitter to provide a short and very meaty response. First up, unlike Fallout 3, the game won't end when the story concludes. Hooray! And secondly, there won't be a level cap. Double hooray! That means you could potentially roam the wastelands for as long as you want. How does forever sound?

The biggest change from Fallout 3 and New Vegas lies with the removal of a level-cap, which will be interesting to see how it gets implemented. Because naturally this could lead to balancing issues for any post-release content or planned expansions.

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Posted 06:46pm 07/8/15
Nice to see they've learned from their past games and the "essential" mods people have put out.

Uncapping levels was the first thing I did in every game like this.
Posted 07:42pm 07/8/15
Being able to play on after "the end" is cool, be stupid not to have it again, standard for open world games though.
The uncapped leveling I don't really care for either way.
Posted 11:38pm 25/8/15
"War,... war never changes"

Oh God, I am going to be lost in this game for months when it arrives.

Even scored a Pip Boy Edition for one of my boys (the 19yr old)...he has no clue he's got one coming.


Nov 10th...bring it on...

Posted 12:00am 26/8/15
Uncapped levels, does that mean stuff is going to scale up with you as you level or will you just end up out-levelling everything and killing the fun? That pretty much happened to me in Skyrim, I never even finished the main quest, but after a few hundred hours of play my guy was so levelled up and so geared that when I did quests that were meant to have big epic moments and big epic fights they were completely trivial and it kinda sucked the epic feeling out of it.
Posted 12:05am 26/8/15
What skill level did you play on?

Bullet sponge enemies aren't fun anyway but enemies are pretty tough on legendary.
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