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As announced at E3, the Xbox One will be getting a Preview Program later this year. One that will act very much like Steam Early Access. This builds on-top of their existing ID@Xbox program, which curates and brings indie titles to the Xbox platform. At their Gamescom showing last night Microsoft highlighted some indie titles we can expect to see on both Xbox One and Windows 10. Including, word that the popular Cities: Skylines is console-bound.

The sheer amount of cool looking indie titles coming for all platforms later this year and in 2016 is simply staggering, so the only real way kick things off is with a montage. A collection of choice clips from fantastic looking indies set to a heart thumping riff-filled soundtrack. And thankfully, that's one area where Microsoft always excels. Which so much great stuff to see here it's hard to pick out any standouts, but there are a few surprises. Like Cities: Skylines, which is getting a console port, as well as one for Wasteland 2. Then you've got the fantastic pixel presentation of Slain! and the frantic action of Super Dungeon Bros, the list of great looking indies just keeps growing.

Speaking of looking good, We Happy Few from Compulsion certainly ups the creepy factor into the realm of David Lynch, but looks amazing at the same time. With its retro-futuristic look at London, it kind of looks like a cross between Bioshock and A Clockwork Orange. Which, as far a combinations go, is certainly one to keep an eye on.

Speaking of creepy but in the realm of the super-funny, comes word that Thimbleweed Park, the new game from veteran designers Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick, is now also headed to Xbox One. As a new point-and-click adventure game from the creators of Maniac Mansion and The Secret of Monkey Island, albeit one that aims to look and feel like a game from the same era, Thimbleweed Park is set to prove that a classic adventure game can still work today. And based on an undying love of the genre, it has to.

In addition to games that have yet to seen a release, we also got a glimpse at a few titles already available in Early Access form. Space combat and survival sim Elite: Dangerous and caveman-tries-to-live-amongst-dinosaurs-but-has-to-fight-them game Ark: Survial Evolved. Both titles were given Xbox One trailers.

With Gamescome still in the 'kicking off' stage, expect to see a lot more fantastic looking indie titles as the show progresses.

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