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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 03:23pm 29/07/15 | 6 Comments
Another QuakeCon preview comes your way today by way of a complete hands-on session Nathan Lawrence had with Doom at the show.

From his full hands-on:
There’s a crouch button, but even chief tech officer Robert Duffy laughed at its inclusion. He offered an anecdote that described E3 judges, clearly from the newer-school of shooters, whose first instinct when playing Doom was to stop, duck, back up… and proceed to get annihilated. Moving backwards in multiplayer, even jumping backwards, isn’t just ill advised, it goes against the grain of how Doom’s been designed.

Forward momentum is incentivised by the health drops that come from slain opponents. Get closer and eviscerate them with a glory kill (when they’re on low health), and you’re rewarded with more health. The 6v6 team deathmatch mode we played forced even the most cautious of players to move, lest they die from accurate rocket fire. And it was clear in my handful of matches that the rocket launcher was the go-to arsenal choice.
Click here for our full Doom hands-on preview.

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Posted 03:40pm 29/7/15
There’s a crouch button, but even chief tech officer Robert Duffy laughed at its inclusion.

There was a point in time where I was shredding my mates in Q3A OSP instagib for weeks on end, and then one of them started just stopping and ducking when he should have been jumping. We'd all reached a point where we were playing the way we should be and this threw a spanner in things. For like a solid week I was thrown well off my game because all of them started doing it. Eventually I acclimatised to them being d***wads, but damn if it wasn't a frustrating few days.

Anyway, great preview. Wish I'd played it.
Posted 06:01pm 29/7/15
It's sounding good.
Posted 06:36am 30/7/15
I read no coop? :(
Posted 08:17am 30/7/15
I figured when they said they said multiplayer was going to be part of Doom it essentially meant Doom MP was Quake in a different skin. It's for that same reason as to why I've argued that for iD to survive as a relevant game's developer that Doom is a mistake and they would have been better to have made a new Quake.

Wolfenstein and Doom may have given iD king of the hill status but it was Quake that planted the flag, built a fortress and dug a moat around it. iD's misfortunes began when they focused on Doom (Doom 3) rather than Quake. iD's competition crossed the moat, scaled their walls and laid waste to their claim and instead of fighting back themself, iD hired mercenaries and we got Quake 4 (by Raven Software). Then there was the failed Rage.

Hopefully this has all made iD hungry for the kill but I'm skeptical and think Doom is still playing it safe.
Posted 10:39am 30/7/15
Does any one have an idea on the story or is it just a spit and polish of previous versions?

The weapons i would like to see the rail gun the flesh gun from FEAR the black hole gun from Quake and as their was a bone of contention from valve over Dooms gravity gun i would like the Doom guys to include a portal gun as well.
Posted 10:43am 30/7/15
no co-op sucks... & tbh, the description of the multiplayer in the review sounds pretty sucky too. the nerfed rocket from q3, railguns & jump pads ... bleh. :(
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