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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:57am 27/07/15 | 9 Comments
Nathan "nachosjustice" is currently sleeping off his epic flight home from Dallas, Texas after finishing up at this year's QuakeCon. But before unleashing the Zs, he unleashed a number of other letters putting together a new and in-depth breakdown of what he saw at the event for Fallout 4, including some choice words from Bethesda's Pete Hines on the upcoming post-apocalyptic open-world RPG.

Specifically, Nate asked why the studio hasn't adopted idTech as their engine of choice, and asked Pete for a more comprehensive breakdown of how the revamped S.P.E.C.I.A.L. skills and perk system is intended to play out, among much more.

From the interview feature:
For instance, concept art by the late Adam Adamowicz was shown to highlight the innards of the Mr Handy robot, which Howard said will be rendered in-game because the automaton can be blown apart piece by piece. On the bigger end of the scale, there was a fantastic vertibird crash near the end of the gameplay demo. As it spun out of control, a poor NPC flew screaming out of the side door and into the ground, before the vertibird exploded into the side of a warehouse, its parts scattering around the landscape.

According to Hines, “when they blow up, they blow up badly”.
Click here for our all-new Fallout 4 interview and preview feature.

And in case you missed it, a new video for the game focusing more on combat broke during the week. Watch it embedded below.

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Latest Comments
Posted 01:15pm 27/7/15
If you have any questions (and I can answer it based on what was shown in the presentation or answered by Pete Hines), let me know in the comments, y'all.

For instance, yes, they did record 1,000 of the most popular names for the baby, so you can call your kid McFly or F***face (two examples that were seriously shown during the presentation).
Posted 02:24pm 27/7/15
... they called the kid f***face and actually recorded the voice? hahaahah thats hilarious. What other names did they record? What other funny s*** will the media get upset about?

Any racial stuff in the recordings? What about calling your kid a nigglet or a blackie
Posted 03:19pm 27/7/15
Yup! Todd Howard said they had the voice actor (Stephen Russell) record 1,000 possible names. He only mentioned popular choices, so it's unclear where these names were sourced from (like, past BGS games, or just general stuff). They only showed a clip with four names: Shaun and Angela were the safe choices, but Mr McFly got a laugh, and Mr F***face had the crowd roaring.

Is the media getting upset about that?

They didn't mention any racial stuff in the recordings, but I doubt they'd include those sorts of name options (because that'd be messed up). It does seem to be only firstname recordings (or, more accurately, a single word).
Posted 04:07pm 27/7/15
What does it call you if you use a name it doesn't know?

Any word on how indepth that 'defend your base' type gameplay they mentioned at E3 is?
Posted 04:49pm 27/7/15
They didn't say what would happen if it doesn't know the name. Personally, I hope they included some voice work for names with typos. That'd be ace.

Alas, no. I was hoping they'd go into more depth about that, but the presentation broke down into showing off concept art and behind-the-scenes mocap / marketing videos; Todd showing off the perks system on a surface level (and Pete Hines confirmed as much, which suggests they'll have more to say about perks prior to release); and the gameplay demo that was combat heavy.
Posted 12:44pm 28/7/15
If I was making a game like this I'd either tie multiple spellings to the same sound file (Sean and Shaun for example) or have a separate field in the character naming screen where you can pick from the list of recorded names to use.
Posted 10:33am 30/7/15
i am so pumped for this game so pleased they are releasing this after the length since the last one (looking at you half life 3) so it doesn't matter to me with the names just want a good story and game play.
Posted 06:50pm 30/7/15
Id tech engine sux balls for (sli) pc gamers anyway.
Posted 10:50am 31/7/15
Doesn't everything suck for SLI gamers, nings? I was under the belief that past version of DX were more of the problem than specific engines. DX12 is supposed to fix that s***.
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