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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:28am 22/07/15 | 15 Comments
Despite many, many, many engine updates, World of Warcraft is still running off an original in-house engine, which has obviously served its purpose over the last plus-decade, but what would the game-world look like using a modern Triple-A game engine like Unreal 4?

The short video below by YouTube user Daniel L gives a small glimpse of Westfall from World of Warcraft which, to be fair is a relatively barren space with a specific colour tone, but it's still really cool seeing a more highly detailed rendition of Blizzard's world.

Daniel L also pulled some assets from World of Warcraft using WowModelViewer while other textures are from public spaces like CGtextures.com and Unreal demos.

Despite some late draw-in here and there, it's pretty damn sweet and should be considered an "early build".

(Source: DSOGaming.)

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Latest Comments
Reverend Evil
Posted 11:50am 22/7/15
Looks really nice. I miss hearing that music. It always reminds me of being in the Shimmering Flats and going around killing basalisks.
Posted 11:59am 22/7/15
Nights that dark in an mmo would just be frustrating, but a cool little demo
Posted 12:15pm 22/7/15

Nights that dark in an mmo would just be frustrating

My first ever MMO experience was playing Everquest, I happened to log in during the ingame night ... it was so dark. I couldn't leave the starting zone because I had no light to get through a tunnel.

The best part about Everquest was my friend developed what he called the 'Bone Chip Trade'. Where he would, as a very low level character, kill skeletons to get Bone Chips which were a reagent in some commonly used high level spells and he would trek to a high level area and sell them for crazy amounts of gold. The high level people would pay lots for it to save a trip back to town.

Auction Houses ruined that sort of player innovation.
Posted 03:52pm 22/7/15
You should look up the kind of environment art that can be made in unreal 4, Steve. This honestly is... not very good.
Posted 05:01pm 22/7/15
Looks really nice. I miss hearing that music. It always reminds me of being in the Shimmering Flats and going around killing basalisks.

It was one of my favourite areas to grind. Killing scorpids and getting chased by Humans and bloody gnomes.
Posted 05:08pm 22/7/15
I always remember Westfall as the first place I ran into a horde. I started on Thaurissan pvp server as an alliance and it was very horde heavy so as soon as I left the relative safety of Goldshire I ran into hordies killing npcs and ganking lowbies.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 05:18pm 22/7/15
ViscoS: Not really trying to suggest this is the best representation of the engine's capabilities, it's more about seeing a slice of WoW on an engine that's graphically more powerful than the one they use.

This guy just made something cool is all
Posted 05:50pm 22/7/15
I think the guy who made that Westfall one also made an Elwyyn Forest in Unreal engine 4? Or someone else did, but I remember seeing that a little while back too.

I'd love to see an expansion for WoW where the main 'feature' was a huge retrofit of the engine to really bring it up to scratch, but it'd be a tonne of work, which would mean a lot less actual playable content, so they'd never really be able to get away with it. They'd get crucified for it, any time in the past where they've done a patch that has had more focus on engine stuff and behind the scenes stuff and less playable content they get dragged over the coals for it.
Posted 05:52pm 22/7/15
Yeah, same guy

Posted 06:53pm 22/7/15
It could be cool if the guy had brought everything in line with the more 'realistic' elements of the engine that he's using, but the mish-mash of random elements of the WoW art with generally pretty shoddy modelling and lighting work he's done himself sort of ruin it. It looks worse IMO than what he's trying to improve.

The engine is impressive is what I'm getting at, it's just an odd example to be reporting on.
Posted 09:55pm 22/7/15
Yeah, I actually think the realistic stuff looks pretty s*** and not like WoW at all, would have been more impressive if he was re-creating it in Blizzard's style
Posted 04:22am 23/7/15
I would call this style HD, as in its higher res but less detail/character. I would take it over blizzard cartoon style myself.
Posted 09:40am 23/7/15
You can do a cartoon style thats still high res and detailed though, look at Overwatch or TF2. Some of the stuff they've made for the latest expansion in WoW even is pretty high res and the models are pretty good, its just held back by the crappy engine.
Posted 10:10am 23/7/15
Nights that dark in an mmo would just be frustrating

my number one problem with eso is that no where is actually dark! at night you can still see for miles... i wish there were really dark starry nights :(
Posted 02:54pm 23/7/15
LOL Tollaz0r!

I seem to remember the Saturday morning "bazzar" in the tunnel between West Commonlands and East Commonlands (where the Dervish were I think)?

Also on the dark side of things , Everquest used to have a zone covered in Mist where only people with particular abilities or spells? could see anything. I remember wandering around there trying to find my corpse once.
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