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Post by Joaby @ 01:00pm 17/07/15 | 14 Comments
Heroes of the Storm, which I reviewed today, is getting an adjustment to its matchmaking to make things more even.

In the past players who queued for Quick Match were assigned a team essentially at random, but those days are no more. In an update on the Heroes of the Storm forums today, Community Manager Spyrian revealed that Blizzard has adjusted their matchmaking to even things out. The post itself details the problem.
We’ve created an additional rule for matchmaking in Quick Match that will take each player’s total number of Quick Match games played into account when creating teams. This rule has already been implemented, and we expect that you, your allies, and even your opponents, will now be matched more closely in terms of Quick Match experience.

So now players with hundreds of games under their belt won't be placed in teams next to people playing for the first time. If you haven't played Heroes of the Storm or read my review, this is a good thing.

In more Heroes of the Storm news, the next Hero to enter the Nexus is Leoric, the Skeleton King from the Diablo universe, and Blizzard dropped a Spotlight Trailer on us earlier in the week.

He looks like a pain in the butt to deal with. As we mentioned yesterday, pre-ordering Legacy of the Void will get earn you access to the next StarCraft Hero as well -- do you have any thoughts on who that hero might be?

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Latest Comments
Posted 01:27pm 17/7/15
Hybrid will be next hero

Hopefully this means quicker match finding takes too long to find a match
Posted 01:52pm 17/7/15
Posted 07:25pm 17/7/15
Those Hybrid units in SC2 mix of Protoss and Zerg, I honestly don't know who else they could do unless it's a new Hero from the Protoss Campaign.
Posted 01:35pm 18/7/15
They've already got Aburthur so maybe they could do the Adjutant from the terran campaign? Or maybe that rasta spectre from the terran campaign, Tosh? Or yeah, I guess more likely is something new from protoss campaign.
Posted 02:02pm 18/7/15
In before smurfs kill all the first time players
Posted 03:43pm 18/7/15
I can only hope that the class is a warrior. The number of times I've had dailies for games as a warrior + a StarCraft hero...
Posted 03:25pm 19/7/15
Nothing has changed.. Still geting completely fresh people in the game and i have 600+ played. Also the next hero after Leoric is the Monk from D3. They already confirmed.
Posted 04:08pm 19/7/15
All I've noticed is that Matchmaking times have BTFO.
Posted 06:38am 23/7/15
Quick Match takes forever it's depressing :(

Also the Starcraft 2 character will be a Warrior class confirmed in the pre-order bonus of SC2 LotV

Surely it would have to be a Protoss character...
Posted 04:35pm 23/7/15
what Joab said, since the change I've been alt-tabbing out while in queue and playing some torchlight etc. Seems I play more of that than I do Hots
Posted 05:51pm 23/7/15
I downloaded this today. Had a go of it. Quick Match takes aggges to find a game.

Fun tho.
Posted 09:51pm 23/7/15
So now players with hundreds of games under their belt won't be placed in teams next to people playing for the first time. If you haven't played Heroes of the Storm or read my review, this is a good thing

290 posts and you are providing advice with authority?
Have an opinion for sure, but you have lived for fewer years than some people have played games in this forum. Also don't use yourself as an expert.

I also suggest not using the word penultimate unless you mean second to last >.< .

Posted 08:03am 24/7/15
Have a cry Obes.
Posted 03:50pm 24/7/15
you really are a crusty old f***.
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