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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:07pm 17/07/15 | 1 Comments
Now that Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm has been out in final release form for a while, we got Joaby to jump in and see how the game is faring in the very populated world of hero arena brawlers. Does it hold its own and carve out its own place?

From Joaby's review:
Dismissing Heroes as a simplified MOBA is a mistake, however, because Battlegrounds create a subtle complexity many miss. Where most MOBAs have one map (and some variations on that same map), Heroes of the Storm has eight, all of them quite different. This is where Heroes takes charge and demonstrates the innovative creativity Blizzard is renowned for.

Battlegrounds in Heroes have their own personalities both aesthetically and functionally, and each one creates different objectives for each team. On Cursed Hollow teams compete to capture king of the hill style zones which randomly spawn around the map, and once a team has three their enemy's creeps and towers are ineffective, creating a significant shift in the lane balance. On Haunted Mines there are just two lanes instead of three, and teams must descend into the Mines themselves to capture skulls and power their golem -- the team with more skulls has a more powerful golem and an advantage.
Click here for our full Heroes of the Storm review.

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Posted 02:18pm 18/7/15
Here is a crazy idea for a game, as players die in the Flock one of the flock will die when all of the flock are dead that's it the game is unplayable for ever.

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