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Post by Joaby @ 11:48am 17/07/15 | 10 Comments
Fallout Shelter is making big money for Bethesda, raking in an estimated $5.1 million since its launch last month. Also it's still not on Android.

Fallout Shelter, the vault management game people lost their minds about during Bethesda's Pre-E3 Press Event, has made $5.1 Million according to digital research firm Superdata Research. Which begs the question -- are people insane? What exactly are they buying in this game? Lunchboxes filled with the chance to get a random weapon or rare vault dweller? What does that bring to the table?

I've played the game, and it's certainly addictive enough, exploiting that feedback loop where you press on a room to gain electricity or food or water. That's some high quality gamification, and the game deserves props for nailing that. It also doesn't force you to buy money to speed things up or anything stupid like that, which I appreciate. People are basically just paying money to support the game, but an estimated $5.1 million? The Superdata Research report tries to dig into why the game is making money,
More significant than the publisher’s success is the notion that core gaming fans proved to be willing customers for a free-to-play mobile game. By emphasizing unobtrusive monetization and offline playability, Bethesda managed to earn the respect of a consumer group that is otherwise highly critical of free-to-play monetization.

As evidenced above, Bethesda earned my respect and I'm obviously highly critical of free-to-play monetisation. I still didn't spend any money on the game. How did respect transform into $5.1 million? If I could work out that formula I'd try to leverage it into millions of my own, but I don't get no respect anyway. No regard, either.

Further, the game hasn't even released on Android yet, but at this stage it seems Bethesda is aiming to release the game on the most popular mobile operating system next month some time.

Have you bought any lunchboxes in Fallout Shelter? How many did you buy exactly? No, I'm not your mother, but I'm concerned about you anyway. I worry that if I look away you might buy another three ships in Star Citizen.

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Latest Comments
Steve Farrelly
Posted 01:00pm 17/7/15
I actually deleted the game not so long ago because I'd sunk to a point of no return with power, water and food being all in the red, no cash and too many dwellers to support. At that point, the game effectively required me to actually pony up for some lunchboxes and I felt insanely cheated.

Addiction, however, got the better of me and I re-downloaded it yesterday and my new vault is going gangbusters. I feel there's a little bit of RNG that can leave you high and dry in an unlucky run, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't enjoying it again this time around.

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Posted 11:57am 17/7/15
The picture used in the header is from my wife's vault, she hasn't spent a dime and is kicking major ass. I gave up at about 70 people, it just got samey to me. The key is to never overextend -- always make sure you have more than the resources you need to support the people in your community.


There you go, the bigger version of the vault.
Posted 12:26pm 17/7/15
I had a look at it... I think I got up to about 80 dwellers.

Havent bought anything.

Making babies is entertaining, the new outsiders who join my vault must feel very lucky.
Posted 06:15pm 17/7/15
Fine. I'll fess up. I have bought a few lunch boxes. Probably about $30 worth. Gah.
Posted 07:00pm 17/7/15
I'm at 200 dwellers and have not much to do. I assume there is some expansion as I haven't unlocked all the achievements. Or maybe you have to play a certain way to unlock them.
Posted 08:26pm 17/7/15
I got stuck a few times then worked out the 'don't over extend' strategy, got to about 30 followers and got bored, never bought a lunchbox but I can defo see the temptation.
Tanaka Khan
Posted 08:43pm 17/7/15
Mine keeps crashing when ever I tried to load it...200 dwellers all gone now
Posted 10:32pm 17/7/15
runs like dogs*** on my iphone and the people were too hard to pickup so I didn't get past the tutorial.
Posted 01:00pm 18/7/15
Which begs the question -- are people insane? What exactly are they buying in this game? Lunchboxes filled with the chance to get a random weapon or rare vault dweller? What does that bring to the table?

Are you seriously asking if iDevice users are insane? What planet have you been on to not know they are literally insane?
Posted 01:17pm 18/7/15
Got bored after 5 minutes.
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