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Post by Joaby @ 08:55am 16/07/15 | 5 Comments
Just Cause 2 is a guilty pleasure game, a gorgeous, explosive destruction sandbox with terrible voice-acting and a nonsense story. Just Cause 3 looks like they're going to take the elements everyone loved from JC2, bump them up to 11 and damn the rest of it.

The newest trailer for the game lets viewers choose their method of destruction. It's simplistic but rad as the video starts small and gradually grows into a full-blown base incursion. There's more wingsuiting, more explosions, more vehicles... more of everything you loved from the E3 trailer.

We'll embed the trailer below, but you might be better off watching it on Youtube -- the way the choices in the trailer work is via links to other videos, so you'll wind up on youtube eventually anyway. Head through and watch it here.

Is it just me or is Just Cause 3 taking more cues from Pandemic's Mercenaries series as time marches onwards? Airdropped vehicles on demand screamed Mercs 2 to me. Just Cause 3 is scheduled for release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One come December 1.

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:41pm 16/7/15
Looks good. We all like a bit of gratuitous action.
Posted 08:50pm 17/7/15
So keen.
Posted 09:40pm 17/7/15
I've played them on release but they don't do much for me. The GRFX are normally average and there are normally better games out.
Posted 12:10am 19/7/15
these are fun, stupid games. like saints row.
definitely better than another cod sequel.
Posted 12:37pm 19/7/15
these are fun, stupid games. like saints row.
definitely better than another cod sequel.

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