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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:16am 02/07/15 | 35 Comments
Joaby is back talking about another on of his in-depth dislikes, this time the implementation of the Batmobile in Batman: Arkham Knight.

From Joab's video (which we've accompanied with the complete transcript):
So yeah, you might not like the Batmobile because functionally it's not as good as it could be. But what if it's more than just that? What if the Batmobile not only failed to add anything to the game, what if it detracted from the experience as well? What if the Batmobile's existence in Batman: Arkham Knight makes the game worse?

It adds very little. Batman is a capable superhero with just the cape on his back and the cowl on his noggin, and the half racecar/tank machine doesn't bring anything to the table to change that. I did some tests, and travel between the islands of Gotham as Batman on foot (so to speak) is just as quick as in vehicle. That's because Batman gets to take the path 'as the Bat flies', ignoring bridges and flying in a straight path.

What it adds the most is in the game's puzzle elements, where Batman is forced to use his new toy to solve simplistic puzzles or remote control destroy some obstacles. But this is, again, a scenario where the Batmobile is used to solve problems which wouldn't exist if the Batmobile didn't exist. It's almost poetic, if you think about it. One of the common criticisms/meta commentaries regarding the Caped Crusader is the idea that the costumed villains of Gotham wouldn't exist if Batman himself didn't. The idea is that Bruce Wayne donning the cowl escalated the crime scenario, and so to keep the natural order of things, to preserve the city's criminal ecosystem, the villains needed to raise the stakes as well. Essentially, the supervillains Batman fights wouldn't exist if Batman himself didn't.

But that's all a bit existential for a piece about a car with bat decals.
Click here for his full video feature.

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Latest Comments
Posted 01:44pm 02/7/15
Yeah, square for brake is pretty awful when every other car game ever uses left and right trigger for accelerate and brake. I'm constantly transforming into a tank when I'm trying to stop or drift around a tight corner. I didn't realise you could actually remap the controls though, might have to look at that.

So far though I'm finding that Batmobile to definitely be the weakest part of the game. Arkham City very rarely, if ever, annoyed or frustrated me but even only a few hours into Arkham Knight and I've been consistently frustrated by the stupid car s***. It also sucks cos one of the hands-down coolest parts of Arkham City was flying your way accross the city and grapple boosting and all that, now its like "Here, have a car instead, we decided instead of focusing on really unique methods of traversal we'll just do what every other open world game does".
Posted 01:57pm 02/7/15
I don't really mind the batmobile, it's not inherently a bad thing and it does pretty well for what it is. In a lot of other games it would probably be fine.

The problem in Arkham Knight is that I REALLY like playing as Batman. Pretty much all of the main and side missions I've done as him so far have been incredibly fun, but when they funnel me into the Batmobile missions the game stops feeling great and just becomes ok.

I'm not sure that the game would be better if they removed the batmobile, I have a feeling that breaking up the pacing of the game like this is making me enjoy the batman sequences that much more. Arkham Knight is a great game, and despite finding the batmobile sequences a little tedious, it doesn't really spoil my overall appreciation of the game.

PS - yeah, the square/X for brake thing is quite bizarre, and I think they knew that, hence the option to change the controls. I really don't understand why they didn't just map it to left trigger and be done. Is there any point in controlling the game where the trigger becomes a problem?
Posted 02:24pm 02/7/15
I didn't realise you could actually remap the controls though, might have to look at that.

It's not so much 'remapping' as switching to toggle mode. The game is so weird about a whole lot of things, I loved it to pieces by the time I finished it but there's definitely a feeling that it might have been released a little undercooked. Anyway, you won't find it in "controls", you'll find the toggle in "Game Options" alongside a bunch of other controller focused options.

I think ultimately it just seemed like the Batmobile introduced more issues than it solved. You're definitely right that it broke up sequences as Batman, but I wonder if they could have done that via Robin and Nightwing instead, having you flit around doing their side stuff maybe?
Posted 03:25pm 02/7/15
the batmobile is definitely the worst aspect of the game and is far too prevalent and forced imo. things that would have only taken batman to do in previous games now somehow require a damn tank to do it. they stupidly designed the whole game around it when it should only be a cool gadget you can use every now and then. also, whoever thought of the tank battles is an a******.
Posted 11:15am 03/7/15
I feel like I am likely to feel the way ravn0s does about it from what I've read. I like the idea of it as a gimmicky thing you can muck around in but it sounds like a decent chunk of the game is built around it and you're forced to stick with it to get through it?

I'm less worried about the handling (on a PC it'll be mouse and keyboard anyway) but don't want to get stuck doing a bunch of dumb races or something just to get to the next stage.
Posted 02:28pm 03/7/15
For the main story it's mostly just idiotic tank battles that hold progress to ransom. "Stealth" missions in the batmobile feel super, duper dumb.
Posted 02:57pm 03/7/15
Theres no spectacle to the tank battles like there is to the hand-to-hand combat bits. My brother had never seen the game before, and he was watching me fight a bunch of thugs and he loved the combat, not even playing it, just watching it. I hate to use the term, but it can be quite cinematic to watch, with the different camera angles and slow-mo and the bone crunching sounds that make the finishers seem even more brutal. Thats been amped up even more now with stuff like the context-sensitive environmental takedowns and such, makes it quite entertaining even just as a spectator.

The tank battles though, they're so generic, and theres none of those epic moments that look badass or make you feel like a badass like you get in the hand-to-hand combat. Which is a real shame, because that for me was always the biggest strength of the Arkham games, they just made you feel like the ultimate badass. No matter how many times I had got into a fight, it always felt satisfying. Sometimes even if I had no reason to I'd just jump down into a big group of guys purely to beat them up because beating them up was fun.
Posted 07:06pm 03/7/15
I'm less worried about the handling (on a PC it'll be mouse and keyboard anyway) but don't want to get stuck doing a bunch of dumb races or something just to get to the next stage.

the races and chases are only available in side missions which are entirely optional. however, there are many, many annoying tank battles throughout the main story.
Posted 07:24pm 03/7/15
the batmobile is good because it creates a new dimension of problem solving in what could otherwise become repetitive gameplay
Posted 12:16am 04/7/15
They should have added a new dimension of problem solving to Batman then, instead of tacking on something else that cheapens the experience. I mean, shooting things with guns isn't really a very interesting form of 'problem solving', it dumbs down the whole tone of the game. For all its flaws, Arkham Origins did at least one really cool thing and that was adding the crime scene investigation angle to Batman. That imo was the right way to create a new dimension of problem solving, because it made you feel more like Batman and made the character feel cooler. After him being so resourceful and ingenuitive in the first few games, it just feels dumb to now have him resorting to blowing s*** up in a tankmobile.
Posted 09:06pm 04/7/15
just 100% finished the game. i had fun but overall it was pretty disappointing. i loved the combat, scale of the city and how they handled Spoiler:
the joker
. story was so-so. hated the batmobile especially the 3 (1 was a side mission) damn batmobile boss fights. argh! as for the identity of the arkham knight, Spoiler:
everyone called it when the game was first announced. rocksteady are big fat liars!

i wouldn't bother to 100% the game unless you're a completionist. i suggest watching the knightfall ending on yt.

how i would rank the series:

asylum > origins > city = knight

last edited by ravn0s at 21:06:18 04/Jul/15
Posted 10:54am 05/7/15
Woaaah you'd put origins over City!? And you'd put City next to Knight?

City is one of my favourite games of all time lol
Posted 07:42pm 05/7/15
Did you put them back to front or something? Or did you really think city was equal was equal worst of the series? City was the best one for me
Posted 08:40pm 05/7/15
yeah arkham city is by far the best
Posted 07:36am 08/7/15
I haven't finished this game yet about 50%, I did get a jump scare when the Spoiler:
winged bat creature jumped at me when I came over the ledge and then I laughed my pants of when the Joker did the same thing
Posted 10:20am 08/7/15
Haha yeah Meddek, I just found him the other night too and that made me jump too, totally wasn't expecting it.

I changed that battle mode to toggle, that made a pretty big difference. Actually get to use triggers as accelerator and brake now, and triggers as the two weapons in battle mode. F*** knows why that isn't the default though, makes so much more sense.
Posted 03:27pm 08/7/15
getting lots of bugs in this game.
Every time i enter battle mode, holding right mouse button, it forces me to reverse. only happens in battle mode, and theres no binding conflicts. urghh
Posted 04:03pm 08/7/15
Have you turned on that battle mode toggle setting? On PS4, thats pretty much what it does, it changes the trigger that used to do battle mode back into brake/reverse and makes battle mode an on/off toggle assigned to a different button.
Posted 04:50pm 08/7/15
i dont have toggle yet. i hear it comes later
Posted 11:24pm 08/7/15
I'm only 4 hrs in but have been enjoying the car stuff. May well get sick of it though, will report back.
Posted 11:28pm 08/7/15
well even with toggle the controls are stuffed. back to waiting for another patch.
Posted 05:58pm 09/7/15
Controls on PC are fine. This a controller issue?
Posted 10:17pm 09/7/15
Im using keyboard/mouse. Randomly, the movement keys get stuck. batman will move backwards constantly. Battle mode seems to trigger it. frustrating.
Posted 10:21pm 09/7/15
Controls on PC are fine. This a controller issue?

controls are fine for me on PC too. great game.
Posted 10:11am 10/7/15
The Batmobile is annoying me less as I play it more, but I dunno if thats cos its getting better or its just stockholm's syndrome. Theres been a few moments though where it felt like the Batmobile really fitted and actually improved a section of gameplay, like Spoiler:
chasing Firefly
but I still wish they hadn't tried to shoehorn it into everything everywhere.
Posted 11:50am 10/7/15
the boss battles are such a huge let down in this game. of the 5 main storyline boss fights, 3 of them are in the batmobile. there's also 3 side mission bosses and 2 of them involve the batmobile.

i was so pissed after the deathstroke battle especially since the battle in origins was so bad ass.
Posted 11:58am 10/7/15
Not having that bug Vash.
Posted 08:22pm 11/7/15
Okay I just finished the story line tonight, love the game to bits and I enjoyed the way the story just flowed... but holy f***en s*** balls c*** the Batmobile fights after Spoiler:
Poison Ivy
I threw my controller down more times than I can count they were frustrating and almost a button mashing event, towards the end the Batmobile was just used too much I love driving it around and don't mind chasing villains but the tank battles were so frustrating.
Posted 11:13pm 11/7/15
the tank battles are why i would recommend sticking with mouse and keyboard if you're playing on PC.
Posted 01:34pm 12/7/15
I found the second riddler track to be far easier than the first one, since it was really just plain driving and drifting. All the jumps and driving up walls and s*** in the first one is what made it awful, that's when the batmobile felt like it was at its worst
Posted 01:39pm 12/7/15
yeah the first was tricky the second was routine.
Posted 04:19pm 12/7/15
I found the second riddler track to be far easier than the first one, since it was really just plain driving and drifting. All the jumps and driving up walls and s*** in the first one is what made it awful, that's when the batmobile felt like it was at its worst

Pasted it first time, only be about a second though.
Posted 11:39pm 24/7/15
The tank battle challenges are really making me hate this game, what piece of s*** ever designed this and thought it would be fun.
Posted 09:51am 25/7/15
I'm not finding them to be too painful, are you making sure to use your thrusters constantly? no thrusters makes batman very sad.
Posted 12:04pm 25/7/15
Yeah, it's really just that slumdog billionaire challenge and that untouchable one where you need to not get hit for 6 minutes. Both of them were making me pull my hair out and swear profusely at the tv. I even dreamed about the untouchable one when I went to bed :(
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